What Is Santa’s Address in 2020?
Anastasiia Bernatska
18 days ago

Prepare an unforgettable gift for your kids – send a letter to Santa Claus and receive a response! Check 3 available Santa Claus addresses in 2019 here.

Best Freight and Shipping Blogs for 2020
Gabriela Buzoianu
4 months ago

Apart from offering a range of services and tips on how to pack and ship various items on our website, we continuously try to keep our blog updated, to assist our shippers furthermore. To do that, we see that our content team always has the latest and up-to-date information regarding the logistics industry. We are …

Eurosender Announces New Digital Van Delivery Service
Christina Cencic
5 months ago

Announcing our service expansion to include direct Van delivery Anywhere in Europe Eurosender is excited to announce the inclusion of fully-automized booking for van delivery, alongside our range of fast and convenient logistics services. Shippers can now book a van delivery service, directly through our platform. The van is dedicated solely to the transportation of …

What Happens to Shipping Containers Lost at Sea? What Should I Do If My Cargo Is Lost?
Christina Cencic
7 months ago

It may be one of the cheapest and safest way of transporting goods, but improper packaging and damage onto the cargo may result in the container to sink in the sea. Then you might wonder, what happens to the cargo containers lost at sea? Were there many containers lost at sea in 2019? Are you …

What Does the Payment Cash on Delivery Means and How Does It Work?
Nuša Počič
8 months ago

You have maybe heard that you can pay for the items you ordered online, on delivery. But what is important to note is that not every seller offers this type of payment method. So, what is cash on delivery (COD), and when can I ask for it? Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Eurosender and our logistics …

What Happens if I Send a Letter Without a Postage Stamp ?
Roman Bilozor
8 months ago

Do I need a stamp to send a letter? Yes, since paper mailing is a service provided by dedicated postal employees and it must be paid for. That’s why post offices require postage stamps as a confirmation of payment for their services. But what will happen if you send a letter without a postage stamp …

My Parcel Got Damaged. Should I Write a Parcel Damage Report?
Roman Bilozor
9 months ago

It is likely that each of us who receives parcels, at least from time to time, may face the notion of a damage report. However, many people do not know exactly what it is and how it works. In this article, we will look into details at the concept of a parcel damage report is …

What Happens When Cargo Is Abandoned by Consignee?
Anastasiia Bernatska
10 months ago

Here’s why international freight shipping may end with an abandoned cargo. What will happen with the goods if cargo is abandoned or unclaimed by a consignee?

The Items from My Package Are Missing. What Should I Do?
Anastasiia Bernatska
10 months ago

If you have received an incomplete or damaged package and some items are missing from the package, follow these instructions to find out how to report about your problem and get a reimbursement.

Getting Christmas Trees to City Centres and Squares
Roman Bilozor
last year

Shipping Christmas trees to city centres and squares Christmas holidays are approaching, and our cities are beginning to dress up in fancy and beautiful garments woven from the warm lights of garlands and all types of other multi-coloured lights. But probably the biggest jewels of our cities in this period are beautifully decorated Christmas trees …

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