Difference Between LTL and TL Freight | Rates, Costs, Delivery Times
Monika Kelesovska
7 days ago

Get the most cost-efficient trucking rate per mile in 2021 directly on our platform after you learn the differences between LTL (Less than Truckload) and TL (Full Truckload) freight. Find out the advantages of both freight transportation methods regarding costs, rates, delivery times, and much more! What is the difference between LTL and TL freight? …

Cross-Docking Warehouse Examples | Logistics Services
Monika Kelesovska
28 days ago

The logistics market requires faster and more efficient solutions to satisfy the customers’ needs. This is why understanding the cross-docking transportation advantages and disadvantages through warehousing examples is important to use its benefits in your favour. What does cross-docking mean in shipping? You can better understand the cross-docking transportation services by first, having a look …

Foreign Importer of Record | EU | Services and Responsibilities
Monika Kelesovska
last month

The importer of record (IOR) is responsible for the goods that are brought in a specific country, from customs to temporary ownership. In some cases, individuals can act as IOR themselves, and in other situations, they must reach a company or entity offering such services. Can I be a foreign importer of record in the …

Reverse Logistics Examples | Importance of Reverse Logistics
Beatrice Tirelli
3 months ago

Many consider that the importance of reverse logistics lies within the complex processes of supply chain management. Eurosender is here to simplify it and explain what is the reverse logistics process with company examples. Reverse logistics shipping process Reverse courier pickup and delivery mean that the goods are collected from a specific location and are …

Last Mile Delivery Challenges and How to Improve Them?
Marcela Neves
5 months ago

What does last mile in logistics mean? The last mile delivery in logistics is the final step of the transport. The logistical process of delivering a shipment is long and critical, from dispatch until the order reaches its destination. And the last mile refers exactly to the transport of goods that leave the distribution centre …

Inbound and Outbound Logistics Activities with Examples
Monika Kelesovska
6 months ago

Due to the complexity of the processes, businesses are looking for alternatives for efficient inbound and outbound freight transport. The first thing that will contribute to improving your supply chain is to understand the inbound and outbound logistics activities, by examples. Understanding inbound and outbound logistics activities To run an efficient business, you must ensure …

Autonomous Trucks and Transport Logistics
Marcela Neves
6 months ago

Are autonomous trucks the future of Logistics? The use of autonomous trucks in cargo transportation is inevitable and several companies in different countries have already adopted it. Although exhaustive tests are necessary for relation to safety and infrastructure, self-driving trucks in the market are already a reality. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how do …

Pricing and Benefits of Multi-Stop Truckload
Monika Kelesovska
7 months ago

The multi-stop truckload is becoming increasingly popular because of the savings it brings both for shippers and carriers while reducing the environmental impact. The shared truckload services prices vary and depend on several factors, and some additional costs can be easily avoided. What are the prices for delivery with a multi-stop truck? The pricing for …

Are Clearance Agents in Foreign Trade Necessary?
Marcela Neves
8 months ago

Customs and Clearing Agents on foreign trade Indispensable to national security and fair trade, Customs is part of the very concept of the State. By allowing only the goods permitted by law to enter the Country, customs control guarantees sovereignty. Nonetheless, it is common to doubt what the Customs would be and who is part …

Unimodal, Multimodal and Intermodal Shipping Explained
Fernanda Spolaor
last year

When organizing a shipment of goods, one can choose from several different routes and types of transport available. The best service can be evaluated acording to the total costs, duration of transport, logistics efforts or environmental impact. Moreover, it is possible to use a single type of transport or to combine different modes of transport …

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