How to Weigh a Package Without a Scale?
Monika Kelesovska
last year

We understand that not everyone has scales at home, but it might be a trouble when you are shipping parcels, and they are overweight. So, is there any way to weigh things without a scale? Are you wondering if you can ship a package during the COVID-19 outbreak? The answer is yes. Eurosender and our …

The Difference Between Package and Pallet Shipping
Monika Kelesovska
2 years ago

When shipping, not all items are meant to be transported the same way and with the same type of shipping service. Some require just a small standard package, and others are rather bulky and need to be properly handled on a pallet. But what is the difference between shipping on a pallet and shipping as …

The top 5 Christmas items shipped with Eurosender
Zbigniew Trzeciak
3 years ago

Christmas is a time of joy, family and spiritual consolation for many. A time most around Europe look forward to with excitement. As do we here at Eurosender. And not only because we get to celebrate together as friends and coworkers, but also because we handle thousands of you parcels that need to find their …

Can I Ship Boxes of Different Sizes?
3 years ago

Sending boxes of different sizes is a task that the vast majority of people who have ever needed to send their things with courier services faced. Eurosender has made sending packages of different dimensions really easy for you. Through our shipping platform, you can send multiple boxes of different size and weight at the same …

How to Find the Right Pallet
Berenika Teter
4 years ago

Contrary to standard packages, shipping pallets is not always easy. Especially if you struggle to find the right pallet. As shipping experts, we have already advised you how to prepare a pallet for shipping and find standard packaging, but what about finding the right pallet? How to find the right pallet First of all, not …

Packing Suitcases – No Longer a Nightmare!
Carla Araujo
4 years ago

Packing suitcases could be exactly what nightmares are made of, especially if you are trying to fit your whole life inside a carry-on luggage (don’t act like you don’t ever do it – we all know you do). Whether you are an expat going home, or an Erasmus student trying to fit all your memories …

How to Pack for a Move and Easily Relocate
Gabriela Buzoianu
5 years ago

Moving into the student dorm in autumn as Erasmus student was fun. The sheets and towels were new, the sleeping pillow was tightly packaged in its original package, and you were full of enthusiasm. Packing for moving back home after an exciting year abroad has a distinctly different flavour. Now, your dorm room is full …

How to Prepare a Shipment Properly
5 years ago

You’ve been on a shopping frenzy while staying abroad. Now that you’re about to return home, you realized you have to much stuff. You decided you’ll need to take everything with you somehow and you’ve found a service perfect for it: Eurosender. First, you need to know how to Prepare a Shipment correctly. Before placing …

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