From a Transportation Challenge to a Smooth Experience | Anja Sivec’s Story
Marcela Neves
4 months ago

”After 8 years abroad, moving back permanently was a blessing for my blogger/content creator career but also a challenge. The hardest part was to figure out how to transfer all of my belongings that I collected over 8 years, without receiving any income for the previous few months.” – Anja Sivec sharing her memories. The …

How Did I, as an Expat, Solve My Shipping Issue? | Kaja Karba’s Story
Monika Kelesovska
last year

Moving abroad is a new experience on its own but having to move all of your belongings to another place is quite an adventure. Is it an adventure or more of a challenge though? ” For me, it was both”- Kaja Karba is remembering and sharing her experience. The challenge Moving to London was an …

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