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Of course, you love them and want to spend as much time with them as possible, but travelling with your kids can also be a real hustle. However, we believe that vacationing with your children can nevertheless be easy and fun!

Travelling with children is a real challenge and it can be hard to keep your cool. The only turbulence during the plane ride are the furious baby cries, causing deathly stares coming your way from every direction and loud public tantrums in the middle of the airport, when you are already exhausted from the trip and nervous to catch the last train, make you want to turn around and head back home right away.

You know your kids will enjoy themselves tremendously, however, you fear it will be more work than fun for you. We are here to help you with some easy travel tips to avoid stress.

  1. Slow pace

Toddlers require twice as much time as grown-ups. They love to explore and need the extra time to adjust to each specific situation. Therefore, you should not pressure them with time or schedules. Factor in all the little excursions, play time, toilet stops and frenzy fits and take your time.

  1. Plan ahead

Even though tight schedules are never an option when travelling with kids, you should nevertheless be properly prepared and book everything ahead, since spontaneity when you have a hungry, sleepy toddler on your hands is certainly not the best choice. You should plan the trip and create plenty of activities, in order to avoid bored, fidgety children. Therefore, you should pack a lot of games and equipment for different sports activities.

  1. Be prepared for any weather conditions

You never know what the wind may bring so pack appropriate clothing for the climate, as well as some extra clothes for out of the ordinary weather occurrences. It sounds simple and obvious, but if you keep your children safe, warm and – most importantly – comfortable, they will be happier and more relaxed in the new environment, which means less nervous tantrums and less stressful events for you.

  1. Use public transport

Kids find it exciting to travel by new, different means of transportation, where they can admire the by-flowing outdoors and be amused and enthralled by the vibrant surroundings. Walking is too tiring for them, and car rides are too boring, but trains and buses make for constant easy entertainment.

  1. Keep the fun coming

Have an abundance of different games, toys and activities planned, packed and ready. Puzzles, colouring books, Plasticine, family games like Alphabet, anything that can keep the little ones occupied for an hour is more than welcome addition to your luggage and should always be at hand for emergency situations. And you can undoubtedly expect plenty of those.

As you can see, the main key is to pack a lot of clothes, gear, toys and games. To avoid the burden of dragging big suitcases all around a foreign country while having a jittery, restless toddler crawling all over you, you should ship your belongings through courier services. Eurosender can help you book cheap and reliable courier services in just two simple steps.

Last modified: April 29, 2019

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