5 Countries That Are Erasmus-Friendly Destinations!

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4 years ago6 min read

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Deciding your Erasmus destination proving to be a difficult task? Yes, it can get pretty difficult but before deciding, do keep in mind these 5 countries which have the most friendly people, a bonus for Erasmus students, yeah?

Sometime back we told you about cheap Erasmus destinations but which also offer the best experiences, long before that we also told you about top Erasmus destinations which are hot favourites among students. Now we bring to you one more factor which might be important in deciding your Erasmus destination -friendliness of locals.

Although we believe that there is no such thing as locals of a country being unfriendly as a whole group because it is usually just the cultural differences if anything at all. Still, here are our recommendations in the form of 6 best countries that are friendly Erasmus destinations:

1. Malta

It is a shame that Malta is not as famous as it should be. Not only it is a beautiful country, but also its locals are extremely friendly because they like tourists. They are known to believe that their country is not frequented by tourists as much as it deserves. These opinions give us the inkling that it is a wonderfully friendly Erasmus destination, what do you think?

friendly Erasmus destination

Source: http://thegreatdominion.com/programs-by-country/malta/

2. Spain

The Spanish are famous for their laid-back lifestyle, chilling around and taking things slow, enjoying every moment and living it up! Most of the Erasmus students expect and want this in their Erasmus experience. If a country has locals as fun loving as this, does that country not automatically become a super friendly Erasmus destination?friendly Erasmus destination

3. Ireland

Talk to someone who has just come back from visiting Ireland. You will mostly hear these 2 sentences: ‘The Irish are the best people!’, ‘These are the friendliest people on Earth!’. If you are not convinced and find these statements a bit too much, maybe it’s time for you to live in this country and decide for yourself if it really is one of the most friendly Erasmus destination?

friendly Erasmus destination

4. Romania

Romanians get very excited about foreigners visiting their country. They are not only open towards foreigners but also very enthusiastic about meeting them and showing them around. It is kind of sad that it is not popular a popular country for Erasmus (or even tourism in general), but if you wish to go off the beaten track and get some really friendly people for company, this should be your friendly Erasmus destination of choice.friendly Erasmus destination

5. Croatia

Croatia has recently come in the limelight because of its rising tourism but what does not remain unchanged is the friendliness of its locals. If Croatia is already on your list as one of the options for Erasmus, we give you on more reason to visit this Game of Thrones country as you will be very happy to meet the amazingly friendly locals.friendly Erasmus destination

So, this is our list of 5 countries that serve as friendly Erasmus destinations. We are sure that those of you who have already been on Erasmus has more suggestions and we are all ears to hear them out. And if you worry how will you move all of your belongings to the chosen destination, we are here to help you out!

Last modified:May 21, 2020

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Srishty is a content marketer at Eurosender. She loves sharing her travel tips & advising on how to pack & ship for a smooth moving experience.
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