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5 most common reasons why couriers cannot locate the address.

What is more annoying than a failed delivery of your shipping? Even though this rarely occurs, nobody wants to experience this situation. There are several reasons that couriers cannot locate the address. When this for whatever reason happens, you will get an email with the status “delivery obstacle”. This means that the courier could not find or could not enter the address and that the delivery will take place later than expected. Nobody wants to wait for a failed delivery, so let’s look at the 5 most common reasons and how to avoid these unfortunate events. If what you are looking for is not below, make sure that you check our articles about failed deliveries and undelivered packages.

Couriers cannot locate the address because of wrong details.

Often, we ask the receiver of the shipment for the delivery address and this is sometimes the root of the problem. There might have been a typo or some spelling issues. It could also happen that for example, a company has multiple locations around town and that the address of the wrong branch was mentioned. That’s why you should always double check the address by yourself before you send the shipment to the recipient. In this way you prevent that the couriers cannot locate the address. If you need some additional info feel free to contact us!You can reach us by mail at help@eurosender.com or by our international phone lines. We speak your language!

Multiple versions of the same address reason for failed delivery

It sometimes happens that the address has a name instead of a number, or even both name and number. This could lead to reasons for failed delivery. You thought you had written everything down correctly. However, the delivery failed, and you think how come my home address is not recognized? In this case, it is best to use the address number instead of the name of the address. If there is no number available, you can use the name of the address or contact our Eurosender Customer Service if you have any further questions.

Another possibility is that there is a shared front door that leads to multiple apartments with different numbers. This could be a reason the courier could not find the address. To avoid this, note the address like this.

  • The main address number (For example, number 5 or 10) and the street name
  • Then the address number with the individual flat number. (For example, number 5A or 10C)

Courier is not able to enter the premises

One of the reasons that the couriers cannot locate the address, maybe that the courier cannot access or go near the premises. When this happens, the shipment cannot be delivered. You might ask: Why was the courier not able to enter my premises while I go in and out every day? Please look at the following situations:

  • There is no doorbell.
  • The front door is behind an electronic gate (which might be out of order)
  • someone has parked blocking the driveway
  • the garden is overgrown blocking easy access to the front door
  • the courier cannot enter the property because of roadworks

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you can contact us Eurosender Customer Service to make sure your shipment is delivered to the right place.

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Use of Google Maps

You may think that Google Maps is a good way to track down your address and often this is true. (When you think my home address is not recognized, you can contact Google here to have them make some changes) However, be aware that courier companies can use other GPS navigation systems than Google Maps which could be one of the reasons for failed delivery. Even though there are also many companies that use Google Maps, when they do not it often not clear which system they do use. Therefore, their search results for your address may differ from the address provided and it might happen that the couriers cannot locate the address. When you are not sure of the location, you can contact the recipient to double-check or you could try another GPS map program. Also be aware that Google Maps does not verify of an address is deliverable or not. In case of doubt, you can contact our Customer Service and they will be glad to help you check the address.

I moved to another place: How to validate my new address?

Whether you move to another town, city, province or even another country, the question: “how to validate my new address“ often turns up. There are numerous things you have to think about when moving and you can find a extensive list over here. When it comes to validating your address, it is important that you contact your local postal service and check if everything is correct. As for the Eurosender services, you can check your account and see if the correct address is in your profile. If not you can adjust it by yourself or you can contact our Customer Service by mail or by phone. They can also assist you with any other question you might have.

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