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Are you looking for some inspiration on how to reuse your old pallets that are just laying somewhere in the garage? Whether you want to use them for the kitchen, for the living room, or just for the balcony, old wooden pallets are a great way to add a chic touch to your home.

Cosy balcony out from reused wooden pallets

How does staring at the stars and the moon at night, on your balcony, sounds like? Amazing, right? Wooden pallets are great for a cosy outside area, and bunch of pillows! All you would need is one (or two, depending on the height you want) wooden pallets, pallet cushioning and pillows of your choice.

DIY Cosy Balcony


DIY Bookshelf from wooden pallets

If you love a good book, or two… or hundreds of them, then you definitely need some storage for all of them. Pallets can be reused in many ways when making a DYI book shelf of wooden pallets. You can remake them in many ways, depending on the amount of time you want to spend making it. The one we chose requires more cutting and therefore, more time put into it, but we must agree that it looks fascinating, right?

DYI creative bookshelf


Wall from old wooden pallets

Do you want to change your dull wall and need some creative idea? Even though it is not the most common accessory to add to a wall, it does look incredible.

DIY pallet wall


DIY bar from wooden pallets

Did someone say tequila? You can invite your friends over to make some cocktails and gain some bartending skills, in your own backyard!

DIY pallet bar


Herb shelf from wooden pallets

It is a lovely concept. Having fresh herbs growing in your garden in such a perfectly compact way. Who wouldn’t love to have a corner unit in their garden with different herbs growing together, ready for use? Our beloved shipping pallet seems to be a perfect fit for making this!

Pallet herb shelf


This blog article was written in collaboration with Srishty Grover.

Last modified: February 26, 2020

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