6 Things to Know Before Applying for Erasmus3 min read


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For many of you, it is the beginning of your Erasmus exchange term and for some of you, it is that time when you wonder that this Erasmus thing sounds fun, why did you not apply for it too? It is never too late. Read on to know 6 things to know before applying for Erasmus the next time!

  1. No one-size-fits-all process: Students of thousands of universities in 33 countries are eligible for applying for the Erasmus scholarship. The minute details of the application process can vary from country to country or even university to university. So, instead of frantically searching for information on the internet, search for information very specific to the university you want to go to and where you currently are. The best way to get relevant information would be to first get in touch with the International Relations office of your current university and know what your options are so that you can narrow down your Erasmus destination choices and begin with the application process accordingly. Then, you should get in touch with the student networks of the chosen university to know other details that you should know before going there.
  2. How to chose the university? This depends on a lot of criteria: quality of education, culture, connectivity, expenses and so on. Your decision can be based on one or more criteria that matter the most to you. We have compiled a list of Erasmus destinations based on the criteria that are most important to students usually, feel free to check it out.
  3. When to apply? You should apply before the year you want to participate in Erasmus exchange. So, now is the perfect time to apply for next year.
  4. Knowing the local language: For your study purposes, this may or may not be necessary because many Erasmus programs are in English. However, what is Erasmus all about? Getting exposed to a new culture both academically and generally, observing and enjoying life and travel on your own in a new, unfamiliar culture. Knowing the local language will enrich this experience of yours much more
  5. It’s not all party: While Erasmus is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, enjoy life freely, please be clear before you apply that it is not just that. Studying is also an important aspect of your Erasmus exchange and while you may not have to slog, you will need to study to at least pass. Remember if you do not pass the courses, you will have to pay the Erasmus scholarship back.
  6. Letter of Motivation: Since this is such an important document for universities to select you, students feel very conscious about it and excessively scared. However, if you become very scared about writing one and try to write a lot of it very similar to the ones available online, it would not help much as the selectors have a lot of experience to identify fake or impersonal ones. Believe us, writing a letter of motivation is not difficult at all. The key is to be as honest as possible and articulate your personality and motivation for the course clearly. As long as it’s specific to you and your life, clear-cut, the selectors will choose you.

So, these are a few things to know before applying to Erasmus. When planning to enjoy your time in a new city, do not worry about lugging around your necessary but heavy stuff. We are always there to ship your belongings from your current to your next destination anywhere in Europe!

Last modified: June 7, 2019

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