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In today’s world when we need to pay for products and services we instantly think of cash and credit cards. But are there always only these 2 payment options available to use?

Let us begin by saying that the most common way of paying for service is money. Even though nowadays cash is slowly being replaced by payments with credit cards, it is still there. Credit cards are getting more important than ever before. The ease of making the payment stimulates its usage. But are there any other ways to pay for a service or should we always rely on these two types? And more importantly, is it the same when paying fees online and when buying in a physical store?

Available means of payment for courier services

Relatively speaking, payments have the same means – compensating for a service, or a product you intend to own. There are some differences when it comes to paying online and in physical stores.

Imagine wanting to pay cash for a service you bought online. Impossible, right? Therefore, deposits via cards, bank transfers, or any other virtual means of payment have its role here.

We use cash and cards mainly in traditional physical stores, as other means of payments are hardly permitted or would have to be furthermore discussed with the salesperson. But how would it be if you need to pay a sum with a credit card for a courier service?

What is the customer’s expenditure for a courier service through Eurosender?

When using our platform to book a shipment, you can choose several payment options. What you maybe did not know is the additional method we offer for you to get the best benefit! If you have a package that has non-standardized dimensions you can contact us and make an individual offer for your shipment.

You do not want to go through the same trouble of putting all the credit card information when purchasing online? We offer you an alternative and with no added expenditures for a courier service booked through us!

Do you wonder how to pay a sum with a credit card for a courier service?

Let us introduce you to the usage of User Credits and tell you all the benefits of it! That is correct, there are some benefits when using this means of payment. When you make your profile on our website, you can select the amount that you want to top up your account with and pay for it via credit card, PayPal or a bank transfer. Once the payment is confirmed, the funds will be available on your account and you can start placing orders. After you get the confirmation that you have them on your account, you no longer have to worry about checking the card every time you book a service with us.

Additionally, you can recharge it whenever you find is suitable. It is completely up to your choice if you decide to put more or fewer credits. However, the minimum amount you can put on your profile is 50EUR that you can spend over a long period of time.

To reward your loyalty, we provide you with some discounts on orders paid via credits. When placing the order just simply choose User Credits as a payment option and as you are finalizing the steps it will automatically withdraw them for the sum paid online for courier services. For each standard order you make, you get a 10% discount and other amounts for different services. Saving is easy after all, isn’t it? Contact us to give you more details about our discounts.

Not only that business users can benefit from this, but any other customers that make an account on our profile could benefit discounted prices based on the volume you ship. Our agents are constantly working on getting the best deals and prices, that would be specifically designed depending on the order.

Moreover, once you do have User Credits, any reimbursement of the cost of a service can be done there and you can use them for any future orders you make.

Have we gotten you excited to try this payment method? So, worry no more for any additional expenditure for a courier service and use our platform to ship your belongings or products abroad (no matter for chosen payment options).

Last modified: September 16, 2019

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