Sending Gifts Anonymously | Things to Keep in Mind4 min read
Shipping anonymous packages

There are some pros and cons of sending gifts, flowers or packages anonymously to another address. Read the information we have gathered for safe worldwide package delivery.

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Anonymous shipping service

Anonymous package deliveries are the perfect solution when you want to surprise someone. But there are a couple of things that you should consider when sending an anonymous package to someone:

  • The package may get lost – In the case of losing a box, the courier will not be able to reach the person who sent the box if such information is missing.
  • The package may be misdelivered – If you are sending anonymous gifts to someone, and some information about the receiver is missing, the courier will not reach the sender back to ask for further instructions on redirecting the parcel.
  • The box may be overweight – The courier company may weigh the package at the warehouse, and if they find out it weighs more than stated they return it to the sender. However, if this information is missing, the courier company will not be able to contact the sender.
  • The label gets damaged – The courier company will not be able to deliver the package to the recipient if the shipping label is damaged. Simultaneously, the package will be stuck at the courier depot if the package’s sender is unknown.

Not all courier companies will accept collecting a parcel without a sender’s name or any other detail related to the place where it was picked up.

Whatever the case may be, you want to avoid failed delivery attempts. At Eurosender, we take every precaution to avoid any of the above-mentioned situations. Instead of sending and receiving packages anonymously, ship them with the sender and recipient information available. We work with a trusted network of courier companies to deliver the best shipping experience for you.

Sending anonymous packages

How to receive a package anonymously?

Not everyone is comfortable leaving their data on the package so they may request for anonymous shipping service. Contact the seller of the store if they can arrange the shipping to a P.O. box. By directing the package to a P.O. box, you will not have to leave your address in the shipping details. One thing to note is that many couriers, usually, do not collect or deliver packages to PO boxes.

How to find out who sent me an anonymous gift package?

Some online stores and sellers have included an anonymity policy as part of their Terms and Conditions. Therefore, if someone sends you an anonymous gift from an online store and if the seller’s policy is not allowing to reveal you any information on the sender, you will most likely not find out who ordered it for you.

How to mail a letter anonymously?

One way of sending untraceable mail and anonymous letter through the mail is to leave the envelope without a return address and drop it in a public physical box. The post office collects these letters and delivers them to a specific post office department to further scan them. You must attach the necessary stamp, to avoid it getting lost. Please note that courier companies on the other hand, usually do not permit anonymous letters to be sent via their services.

Sending Amazon gifts anonymously

People often ask if they can send Amazon gifts anonymously, especially as part of Christmas and Secret Santa traditions, or other occasions. In most cases, the sender may reveal the name of the sender. So here is what we suggest that you do:

  • Buy a gift card for yourself;
  • Buy the item as a gift with the gift card you just purchased;
  • Address the person you wish to send the gift to in both the billing and sending fields.

How can I find out who sent me an Amazon package?

You received an anonymous package through Amazon, and now you want to find out the sender of the package with the tracking number. Unfortunately, Amazon cannot disclose such information, according to their policy. The best you can do is to ask any of your friends if they may have some information on the matter.

Is it possible to send a package or envelope anonymously through Eurosender?

At Eurosender, we do not offer an anonymous package shipping service to avoid any shipping inconveniences. We recommend you to choose the safest shipping option to make sure your loved ones have an unforgettable surprise, even with the sender’s name known!