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Whether or not you are a believer in the science of reading the stars, we all get curious when we see someone holding the horoscope with the predictions for the day. In the past few years, astrology has gained a lot of momentum, especially online and between younger generations. Many people turn to it looking for answers about work, personality, and even romantic life. At Eurosender, we are always looking for the latest trends, so we decided to join the astrological movement. Are you wondering what would your typical shipping order be or what would you buy online based on your sign? Read on to find out.

What would each sign be shipping in 2020?


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, relates to fire and impulse. They are usually very energetic people, often natural leaders and great athletes. This is why, in 2020, the typical Aries would be sending his ski equipment abroad by mail during his winter trip or maybe his surfboard if he is more into warm weather. Whatever it is, they will always be naturally sociable and love being surrounded by friends.


It is easy to picture a Taurus in a workplace since they are all about stability and compromise. But outside that environment, a typical Taurus would be a very lazy person who loves trying new food. To be fair, it does not have to be new, as long as it is some tasty food, since the sign Taurus is related to the stomach. This is why we predict that a typical Taurus would be the one trying to ship some delicious goods from abroad. It could be a special bottle of Greek olive oil, a great wine from France or even some Swiss chocolate.


An extremely communicative sign, Geminis are mostly related to their shifty personality. A typical Gemini would one day be having violin lessons and the next month decide that what they actually want is to learn how to snowboard. If you would peek into the shipping records of a Gemini, you would see all types of items, from musical instruments to toys and clothes. Although Geminis might change their mind very easy, they are also very outgoing and intelligent people, who are always up for great conversations.


Often seen as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancers are all about feeling. Their intuition is usually very sharp, they are loyal to their loved ones and sincerely care about others. This is why a typical Cancer would be the one sending letters by mail, even if it is just a simple postcard to show their family they are missed.


Another fire sign, Leos are also known as great leaders. They are usually popular, courageous and attention-seekers. But nothing is more important to a Leo than their looks and maintaining a good self-esteem. Therefore, in 2020 we expect our Leo clients to be shipping beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes or even nice clothes. Anything that would make them look nice and feel great.


Everyone knows that Virgos are critical thinkers. They would be the kind who analyses all options before making a decision, which means they can sometimes come out as very undecided people. They love organization, whether it is related to their schedule or the cleanliness of their home. Before 2020 starts, the typical Virgo would be buying an agenda online so he can get ready for the coming year and plan all his responsibilities and holidays upfront.


A natural diplomat, Libras are all about keeping the peace and balance in their surroundings. What most people do not know is that Libras are very connected to beauty and arts. For this reason, Libras will be the ones shipping paintings, antique items or a beautiful ceramic vase.


Scorpio is a sign of extremes. They can be so loyal that they become vengeful or so persistent that they develop an obsessive behaviour. But the best thing about this sign is that, since they experience such opposites, they are also great healers and protectors. In 2020, a typical Scorpio would spend his money buying online vitamins, herbs or getting engaged with other natural healing practices.


One of the most cheerful and optimistic signs, Sagittarius are already born travellers. They have a passion for exploring the world and having new experiences. In 2020, they might take on the challenge to compete in a big cycle competition in the Italian alps and ship their bicycle directly to the hotel or they might even move abroad for work and decide to ship their luggage. Whatever it is, a true Sagittarius would definitely benefit from international and global shipping.


Capricorn is one of the most hard-working signs in the whole zodiac. Realistic, persistent and always disciplined. They like doing things themselves and feeling the progress of each conquered step along the way. The typical Capricorn would not spend his money in frivolous things but would rather buy a new work suitcase for his laptop or new working shoes to replace the old worn ones. It is all about practicality with them.


Aquarius is known to be the sign related to revolution, but it also has a very tight connection with inventions and technology. As such, a typical Aquarius would love online shopping platforms like eBay or Shopify. In 2020, a typical Aquarius would spend their money buying the latest smartphone or maybe a great camera gear.


As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are often referred to as the most evolved sign. They are very sensible and connected people, often interested in abstract subjects such as religion and mysticism. Since Pisces’ are not materialists, we predict that in 2020 they would rather send by mail some of their favourite books or maybe even candles and crystals.


Did you recognize yourself in the shipping predictions for your zodiac sign? Maybe you feel inspired to buy some of these items online in 2020. You can also use our suggestions as zodiac sign gift ideas for a dear friend.

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