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Marcela Neves
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Coimbra inspires contrasts; art and history with joviality and animation. It is the ideal destination for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the medieval, historic and joy-filled universe. For these reasons, the city enchants tourists, students and expats from different parts of the world. Did you also fall in love with the city? Know that with BeCoimbra and Eurosender your adventure as a student or expat will be even easier and more enriching there.

Boost your experience in Coimbra with BeCoimbra and Eurosender

Erasmus students are looking for a unique experience that mixes fun, animation, culture and learning. Immigrants, on the other hand, seek opportunities, security, tranquillity and more quality of life. The incredible? Coimbra manages to cover all these aspects, being ideal for both groups. Therefore, Eurosender decided to establish a partnership with BeCoimbra, a company that offers the best options for short and long term stays. Thus, together we promote you the best experience since the sending of your belongings until your last day in the city.

How can BeCoimbra help me?

BeCoimbra is a company specialized not only in accommodation but in promoting a more pleasant stay for you in Coimbra. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, researcher or teacher in mobility, or a tourist or expat, BeCoimbra has thought of every possibility for you. Therefore, they offer 2 main groups of accommodation: Residential Mobility and Hostels & Long stays.

Residential mobility offers different packs for people in mobility periods. They include rooms or studios, but also other packs that include restaurant food and public transport. The accommodations are located in not just one but in nine different locations around the city of Coimbra, which allows you to choose the environment that best suits you from the many facets that Coimbra offers.

Hostels & Long stays are ideal for expats and tourists. With a super affordable price, comfort, and good location in the city centre, BeCoimbra accommodations are the dream of any newcomer to a city.

Why Coimbra?

Coimbra is a lesson, of dream and tradition ” (Amália Rodrigues).

Coimbra is an incredible and welcoming city. It has a splendid look with its ascents and descents that accompany the beautiful Mondego River. Known mainly as the ”city of students”, they receive other nicknames due to their history and romantic spirit, such as ”romantic city” and ”city of kings”.

The city, which was also the first capital of Portugal, carries with it a lot of history, art and culture, with several leisure options related to the theme. Located in the central region of Portugal, between Porto and Lisbon, it offers good connections to explore Portugal, and even Spain (Salamanca, for example, is three hours by car).

It also has the oldest and most renowned educational institution in Portugal, the famous University of Coimbra. Besides, it offers a lower cost of living than in other Portuguese cities. For students, the destination is also ideal due to the atmosphere that was formed in the region, alive and full of festivities.

In short, it is the perfect mix between beauty, history, education, fun, quality and low cost of living. What else can anyone want?

How can Eurosender help you on your journey to Coimbra?

Coimbra is located in the central region of Portugal, without direct access to airports. Thus, moving to Coimbra with your belongings becomes a challenge. But don’t worry, Eurosender takes care of this mission, and offers door-to-door shipping, delivering your goods directly to your chosen location. Besides, if you need urgent transport or important documents, we offer specialized services: Express and Envelope service, all to promote your well-being on this new journey further.

To improve what was already incredible, Eurosender and BeCoimbra offer you special discounts for the joint use of our services. Book your accommodation or packs with BeCoimbra and ask for our special offer!

Last modified:December 01, 2020

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