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A few years ago, logistics came to the right solution to the parcel´s collection problem. Several couriers found out that by creating partnerships with smaller stores, they could assign them the tasks of drop off and pick up benefiting not only the customers but also themselves. This method proved to be beneficial for all participants of the shipping processes: the courier company, the receiver and the shop itself. As it not only tackles the issues of last-mile logistics but also promotes local businesses, a lot of shops, drugstores, stationeries, newsstands as a parcel drop off and pick up points. Continue reading if you are interested in implementing this method right now.

Become a parcel drop off point: a simple and quick guide

No matter what courier agency you choose, this guide will work for you:

  1. Make certainly sure that you satisfy the requirements of the courier company to become its parcel pick up and drop off point. Consult in the official website of the courier, the category dedicated to pick-up points or partnerships and check the full list of the company’s specific needs.
  2. Find the application. It can be easily found on the websites of each courier company along with the requirements.
  3. Fill in and submit the application. In this one you will have to answer the general questions about your shop: location, opening hours, business type and provide the contact information. Some applications demand more details: the payments methods, available area for storing parcels and its photo.
  4. Receive the invitation. After checking your application, the company will get in contact with you and confirm that you can become a parcel drop off or pick up point.
  5. Take courses. As the courier company that you wish to partner with will answer for the quality of the services to be offered by your store, in most cases, it will take care of training the employee.
  6. Order the necessary supplies. All the equipment needed for the work is usually provided by the company. It is standard for all drop off points and as a rule, such as a courier company’s logo.
  7. Get revenue for every parcel. Each parcel dropped off or picked up in your shop will be paid.

Following these steps, you will become a DPD, FedEx, SEUR or GLS drop off point without trouble and thus grow your business faster. Eurosender collaborates with many respectful courier companies, so we can also contribute to your business development. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.


Where will the parcel collection take place?

The parcel collection point depends mainly on the shop the item has to be collected from. This location can be different based on the store that you were assigned to pick-up the parcel from and therefore, can be anything from outlets to a local shop offering a parcel pick-up and drop off service.

Become a courier service agent: step by step guide

Although each logistics company may have its specific requirements, the overall process of how to become either DPD, FedEx or UPS drop off point is the same. Before you take steps necessary to convert your business into the parcel shop, make sure your shop would comply with the general requirements.

What would you need to become a parcel drop off point?

Here are the common essential pre-requisites to become a courier service agent:

  1. Enough space to store parcels. This place should be a separate secure room, not accessible to customers. Depending on the consignments of the company you want to collaborate with and the shop’s location, you may need a bigger or a smaller room. Consider that you should be able to keep received packages for up to 14 days.
  2. Internet access. You may use even a tablet with stable internet access, a laptop is not a must.
  3. Customer service. There must be a person responsible for serving the customer, i.e., someone who will be in charge of accepting and handing off the packages. In most cases, this employee also must be able to consult the clients on the proper packaging of their shipments. In case you opt for becoming an Amazon locker location, this condition changes as there is no need to assist customers.
  4. Regular schedule. Although it is not compulsory for some courier companies, it will be easier to contact the carrier and attract more people.

If your shop meets the demands listed above, you can easily become a FedEx, DPD, Chronopost or UPS drop off point right now.

Last modified: January 31, 2020

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