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A current buzzword in business and trend in e-commerce. It doesn’t require any higher education; it can be used by every person who is aged 18 and over. This is a business strategy that represents the future. Are you sceptical about it? All these facts about drop shipping are real. Nevertheless, some people consider it is dead now although successful drop shipping stores exist. So, is it possible to start your own business and become one of the best drop shippers in conditions of high competition? To answer this question, you must know how it works and what it depends on.

What is meant by drop shipping?

There is no doubt you have heard about this type of shipment. Since there are some misconceptions on what it is, make sure your understanding of the concept is correct.

Drop shipping is a business model, in which the retailer doesn’t keep products in stock. The products are shipped from a supplier’s warehouse directly to a customer. Seller doesn’t need to buy all the goods displayed in his / her store, rent a warehouse and control delivery. His / her job is to promote products on drop shipping websites for sale and find customers. The main advantage of this model is that you can create a successful drop shipping store without big seed capital.

How does it work?

The model of this strategy is quite simple:

  1. The seller selects an array of most profitable drop shipping products for the store and uploads them to the drop shipping website for sale, his / her website, or group on social networks.
  2. This step requires the efforts of the retailer. The seller must promote his / her products using different marketing strategies. It’s not only about waiting for customers’ orders; it’s about finding and attracting clients.
  3. Once a customer places an order, the seller forwards it to the supplier. Now the supplier oversees order fulfilment.
  4. The supplier prepares the product and sends it to the customer.

What are the most popular drop shipping websites for sale?

If you decided to try your luck and become one of the best drop shippers or you want to be a supplier for sellers, you need to get acquainted with existing drop shipping websites for sale (sure, you already know one of these – eBay 😊). We’ve made research to provide you with other popular platforms:

  • Depop is a peer to peer fashion shopping app that can be considered a mix of Instagram and eBay. It connects buyers and sellers from 147 countries! About 90 % of shoppers are part of Generation Z (under 25).
  • Amazon Marketplace is one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms that allows selling products as a third-party seller (selling on Amazon) or vendor (selling to Amazon). The politics differ for these two and the competition is high, but you have access to a big audience.
  • Shopify is a drop shipping web site for sale that offers to create a customized store in minutes. There are no restrictions, so you can choose the most profitable dropshipping products for your store. For better promotion, Shopify provides you with statistics of sales, orders, and visitors.
  • Etsy is a global marketplace for selling handmade or vintage products and crafting supplies. The advantages of this platform for sale are the availability of powerful promotional tools and free joining. Although consider paying selling fees.
  • Poshmark is a social e-commerce platform for selling either new or used clothing and accessories. Nevertheless, Poshmark is oriented to local commerce only in the USA.

No matter what drop shipping website for sale you choose, you should remember that it’s only a half part of your success, and the second part is your marketing strategy and skills.

How can we help you to become one of the best drop shippers?

As far as the competition in such kind of business is very high and there are already a lot of successful drop shipping stores, you should be able to provide your customers with services of high quality. Each detail is important, otherwise, no chances.

To choose the most profitable drop shipping products for the store is important but the reputation doesn’t depend on this only. The shipping of the goods to a customer can become a fly in the ointment. If you order some products and your parcel doesn’t come in time or comes damaged, will you order in this shop anything else? Probably, no. Be sure your clients receive ordered goods fast and undamaged.

If you have any questions about drop shipping or you want to order secure shipping on our platform, don’t hesitate and write to us! Our team is experts in everything which relates to “shipping”.

Last modified: December 3, 2019

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