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All the great things start small and with the right team, they grow visibly. This happened with our content team and company’s website & blog.

We are extremely pleased that we were acknowledged among the top 50 shipping websites & blogs for shipping industry professionals. Currently, we rank 20th in the world, but we are not going to stop there. Read more here.

The ranking includes the best content covering all types of logistics services – ranging from standard parcel services to air freight, sea freight, containers, or blogs focusing on different industries, e-commerces and end consumers. It makes us proud to be part of the list, but it also serves as a good incentive to get things going even faster and better when it comes to content creation.

If you want to get a good grasp of what our blog has to offer at first glance, we take the occasion to make a little overview, especially for you!

What do we write about?

  • Topics related to the shipping industry

We cover all topics that could answer the questions of potential first-time shippers and companies that ship on a regular basis and need more in-depth details about the processes, types of services and even how to save on their shipping budget.

We’ve divided the content into different sections:

How to pack – advice on how to properly prepare a shipment, be it personal items, sports equipment, electronics, pallets, or anything else.

How to ship – top-notch and innovative shipping solutions.

Shipping guide – An overview of logistics services, shipping trends and habits in different European countries, or unforeseeable situations when using courier services.

  • Topics that could be interesting for travellers, international students or expats

Student life – advice for students who take part in exchange programs (such as Erasmus), or plan to study abroad.

Travel destinations – we give a tour around the European capital cities, pinpointing ways to make travelling much more affordable.

  • Topics related to our company’s path and development

Other topics – announcement of any new services, our company’s presence in other markets, contests that we run, insights into our company, or programs and events that we support. Simply anything that has to do with our business.

We said it previously but we are going to say it again here. We are committed to writing more, better and always evergreen content, having in mind our customer’s needs and requirements. We will fill our blog with useful information for professionals, individuals and even experts in the industry. So, make sure you bookmark our blog and check out our redesigned website, which you can read all about here.

Last modified:May 21, 2020

Book shipping services

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