The Best Erasmus Parties

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Erasmus parties are the best. But which ones are the best Erasmus parties? We made some reviews to help you choose where your attendance – as a respectful exchange student – should be mandatory. If you are a party animal – we have one tip for you – try not to miss any party! You will regret it once you will be back home.

The best Erasmus parties

Flag party

There are so many different nationalities among the students, so why don’t bring it to the colors? Dress up with the colors of your country and join the party! In this way, you will see how diverse the incoming students’ society is. Flag parties are organized by the ESN sections of each University, so expect it to be really colorful!

Hawaiian party

Aloha! Put on some floral clothes you have in your wardrobe and come to the party! Feel welcome to perform some of your hula dance also! If your sole wanders sometimes to Honolulu it’s a must of your Erasmus parties list!

Welcome party

The first Erasmus party – the most important one! Your attendance here is mandatory! Most likely it will be organized by the ESN section. This will be your first opportunity to meet all the incoming students and to make friends! Within those few hours, you will create one of your very first memories from the semester abroad. Also – you will see how the parties in international environment look like! How cool is that? You can’t miss that one because it will definitely be one of the best Erasmus parties!

Check out how the Welcome party mixed with the Flag party looked like in Zagreb! We’ve been there!

Fluo party

Do you want to shine bright like a diamond? The fluo party is the right one for you! Remember that the best Erasmus parties are those organized by the Erasmus Student Network! ESN section members will prepare some fluorescent paint and gadgets in contrast to the usual darkness of the nightclubs!

International dinner

Is dinner a party? Well, everything is possible when you’re on Erasmus! For sure, there will be an event dedicated to international specials when it comes to food organized by the ESN section. Once you will make some friends try or gather all of them for an international dinner! Tell your every guest to prepare some flag dishes and drinks from their country of origin and make it one of the best Erasmus parties ever.

Tandem meetings

There are also not so typical Erasmus parties. One of them is a Tandem Language Meeting. Almost every section of ESN organizes it each week of the semester! But what kind of parties are those? Language parties! If you want to polish your skills with… Polish, Spanish, Italian, Frech, German or any other language – you should definitely check Tandem meetings in your destination city. For sure, you will be more fluent with a drink in your hand than on a daily basis!

Farewell party

All the good things must come to an end. But remember – once Erasmus, always Erasmus. A Farewell party is an opportunity to say goodbye to your friends from all over the world and have the last few hours in your Erasmus city. Make sure to attend this one!

Taking part in parties organized for the incoming students’ society is a great opportunity to meet people from the same “Erasmus boat“.
Have the time of your life and don’t forget to party, even if just a little!

Last modified:August 16, 2019

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