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When choosing a place for having your semester abroad, everyone has in mind that deciding on a country is the only milestone. Yet, dear students, you are only half-way through. The real decision that needs to be made is picking the best place for Erasmus to happen. Ask yourself a crucial question – do you want it to be a rather small town or a big city?

Once you decide on Erasmus in Spain, the first place coming to your mind is Madrid or Barcelona, when in France – Paris, when in the United Kingdom – London. We are not saying that big cities are a bad choice for spending your semester abroad, but… maybe it’s worth to do a little more research and find some little cute refuge? To resolve all the doubts you may have and help you in finding the best place for Erasmus, we prepared a small comparison of those two options.

Big city life

Doing your Erasmus in a big, flag city of the country you have chosen for sure will be exciting! You will have many travel opportunities and for sure, almost every corner of the country will be connected with the place. This will make your destination country really easy to explore. Besides that, the airports in big cities are manned by low-cost airlines, so without overpaying, it can be an amazing time to check off some other places on your bucket list.

Lisbon, Rome, Berlin – in general, a big city is the best place for Erasmus students who love visiting museums, art galleries, and theatres. There are many indoor activities waiting for each of you – especially, during the autumn semester. Culture life in big cities is really rich, and for sure, there will be no time to be bored.

Small town or big city? What is the best place for Erasmus?

Big cities are always international cities. On the streets, you will spot as many locals as people from all over the world. If you are open-minded and willing to get to know many cultures, not only one of the hosting country – a big city is made to be your Erasmus place.

If you are not comfortable with learning new languages and really feel bad to step out of your “English comfort zone” – don’t even bother to think about choosing a small city. People in huge metropolises speak English as good as you do. Although learning some simple phrases would be useful, there will be no need of using them on a daily basis.

We’re not forgetting that a huge part of Erasmus is socializing…and partying! It’s obvious, that if you are a party animal, a big city is the best place for your Erasmus. There is always something open, even on Mondays!

Small town life

On the other hand, deciding to go on Erasmus to a small town sounds even more appealing. You will feel and live as locals do. Isn’t that great? Just imagine, immersing yourself fully in the culture, customs, and the language. Of course, this may feel strange in the beginning, but for sure, it will be a great lesson for you.

What makes the small town the best place for Erasmus is the international students’ community. There will be not many of you (well, compared to big cities, of course), so most likely, you will know every incoming student. ESN sections in smaller cities are always making the students’ time special – they are organizing events and parties each week so you won’t feel disappointed at any time.

Small town or big city? What is the best place for Erasmus?

When it comes to travelling – you will discover cute little places that you would never think of going to. Despite not having a huge airport, your host town will have a lot to offer for sure.

In the end, let’s also talk about money. We all know that grants are covering your stay abroad only partially. Yet, take into consideration the costs of renting a flat in Madrid and the costs of renting one in a small city in the North of the country. They will differ a lot. By choosing a small town you may save up some money. Maybe you should give it a try?

The decision is always in your hands. We may give you some tips, point out the directions you may followyet if you’ll be going to a big city or a small town is your choice.

Last modified: August 13, 2019

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