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The number of company relocations due to Brexit is not even close to going down. According to the official data, a third of British business leaders are considering moving their headquarters. In 2019, one-third of UK-based companies are reportedly ready to turn their back on London. As a result, relocation services for companies willing to leave the UK have become a popular Google search query among small business owners. Interestingly, multinational corporations seem to have adopted a somewhat reserved attitude while the UK still remains a part of the European Single Market, which guarantees a free movement of goods, capital, services, and labour. Overall, unlike medium and small size businesses, huge corporations will not hurry to move to other European financial centres.

Post-Brexit business relocation trends

In 2016, in the wake of the British referendum on leaving the European Union, one in five business leaders showed interest in relocation services for companies willing to leave the UK. However, the outcome of the vote came as a real shock for half of the British population, as well as for the European community as a whole. According to the data provided by The Guardian and the Institute of Directors, so far in 2019, 16 percent of UK-based companies are said to be in an active phase of post-Brexit business relocation, 13 percent are considering relocation, while 6 percent are moving their headquarters overseas, but not because of the GB-EU painful divorce.

As for the statistics recently published in the Independent, one-third of the actual UK business players are ready to proceed with company relocations due to Brexit. The Japanese Sony is one of the prominent examples, as the company management is seriously concerned with the looming threat of a no-deal Brexit.

Top-5 Brexit relocation destinations

The stakes are high for the British population: trade barriers, unemployment prospects, inflation acceleration… The ‘trouble’ list is quite a long one. It comes as no surprise that many British decision-makers want to escape the black scenario. So where are all these companies headed?

It should be noted that the choice of a new headquarters location is highly dependent on the sector of activity. Dublin, Luxembourg, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam are the top-5 Brexit relocation destinations for the financial industry. Some companies have moved to Brussels. The city authorities have decided to launch a campaign to attract London-based companies.

As for the general post-Brexit business relocation picture, in the first quarter of 2019, it was reported by New Financial that over 250 financial institutions had chosen alternative European financial centres to reduce the risks of the negative impact of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on their businesses.

For now, Paris and Amsterdam compete for primacy on the top-5 Brexit relocation destinations list. Both cities are said to become the new European financial hubs. So far, nearly 100 international players have left the UK to settle in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch Foreign Investment Agency, 325 new corporate transfers are on the horizon for the foreseeable future. The post-Brexit business relocation trend has made the competition very tough.

Relocation services for companies willing to leave the UK

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Place an individual offer

Each relocation project requires a tremendous planning effort. Given the increasing number of company relocations due to Brexit, we can say that transferring your entire business to another country may seem complicated, yet it all depends on the choice of a responsible logistics partner.

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