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Have you had the situation when you needed information about the shipment but you could not call the courier driver? Or maybe you missed a call from the local courier service and wondered whether you should call back or just wait?

At this very moment, you probably asked yourself: “Should I talk to him in English or maybe some other language? But which language? Wait, maybe it is better to ask for help with shipment by calling the courier company’s call centre”.

Take a breath and keep reading this article. We know that from the moment you send your package up to the moment you reach the courier, you may have several questions to ask. So here we go with the answers:

Do the courier driver call before arriving?

There is no guarantee that he will call you before the arrival as it varies from country to country. As well as it depends on the local courier service provider. We have collected useful information regarding the courier services available in every country we work with.

If you have a freight shipment the courier driver will call before parcel pick-up and delivery and will arrange the time frame with the shipper and receiver.

For the standard parcel shipping, the story may be a little bit different. In some cases, the courier driver can call for additional information about the shipment, but it is not always guaranteed. So make sure to be at the place and to follow the given time frame.

Did you miss a courier driver call?

When courier has important information about the shipment and he wants to clarify something he can call you. If you did not answer he would not call you again. So if you have a missed call – rang back and do not forget to have your tracking number handy in order to facilitate the communication with the courier service!

What language does the courier driver speak?

If he decides to call most likely he will speak only the local language. For example, if you have sent a parcel from France to your Dutch friend, who just moved to Italy, most likely the courier driver language is only Italian. However, he might know English, so your Dutch friend can understand him. From our side, we can not guarantee that the courier driver will talk any language you need. If you do not speak the local language ask your local friend to help you with the shipment.

Moreover, pay attention, the courier can only contact you via a local phone number to provide information about the shipment. No international phone number can be used.

Can I call directly the courier service to receive help with the shipment?

In general, you can call them. We give you the number of the local depot of the selected courier company. Before you call them to be ready to take several steps. After you are connected to a Central Office they can help you to reach the courier driver.

Please be patient. The courier companies provide help with shipment and services thousands of customers daily. They will do their best to assist you as good as possible.

Now you have more control over your deliveries!

If you have any additional questions you can always receive a quick answer from our shipping expects. We speak your language.


Last modified: September 9, 2019

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