How to Transport a Car Battery

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Transporting a car battery can be tricky and it is essential to know the regulations and conditions to get a car battery delivered to a recycling site. When organising a move or a relocation, you may wonder how to ship a car battery to your new address. Learn how to pack a car battery for safe transport and find the best solution for sending traditional and electric car batteries through the mail safely.

How to ship a car battery safely

Shipping car batteries is possible but you have to make sure you prepare your shipment with care and following the regulations in place. To ship a car battery safely you have to make sure that:

  • The carrier has both the legal and logistics capabilities to transport both new and used car batteries safely.
  • You inform the carrier if of the characteristics of your battery and about any damage that it may have.
  • You prepared the shipment correctly to avoid leaks and damage.

Can I send a car battery by courier?

Car batteries are on the list of prohibited and restricted items for shipping as they can be highly flammable if not treated right. This means that specific logistics companies can ship car batteries internationally, but the sender has to follow particular rules and regulations to deliver a car battery to another location. You can find these regulations below. Even though sending a car battery via regular courier service may sound like the most convenient solution, you must ensure the company is specialised in transporting such dangerous or hazardous items.
Once you have found the right carrier, it is essential that you know how to prepare the shipment properly. Follow our guide for packing the car battery to ensure safe transportation. Car batteries are better transported by road.

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Rules for transporting car batteries

In the EU, shipping car batteries is subjected to strong regulations, because of the materials batteries are made of and the risk of damage they pose to other kinds of shipments and the environment. Carriers who offer services for shipping car batteries must have the proper permits and transport capabilities for moving dangerous goods safely.

What are the regulations for transporting car batteries?

Regulations for transporting lithium car batteries

Sending an electric car battery through the mail is not allowed with standard courier services, because most car batteries are over the established IATA limits for air transport (two single-cell batteries with less than 20Wh, or four multi-cell batteries up to 100Wh).

Heavier and more potent batteries, such as car batteries, have to be transported by road. The carrier company must be able to accommodate the battery with the right transport conditions.

To send an electric car battery in the mail, we recommend you check the specific lithium-ion battery regulations. If you are trying to send a small lithium battery you can read our handy article about shipping lithium batteries to check the rules applied to your specific case.

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Regulations for transporting lithium car batteries

Car batteries should be well insulated and be transported in a vehicle with controlled temperature to avoid acid leaks, short circuits and other terminal damage Car batteries are considered wet batteries because of their chemical content.
Once you have found the right carrier you will have to make sure the battery is properly packed and safe for transport. You can follow these instructions to pack a car battery for transport.

  • Place the battery or batteries in a metal or fibreboard container. The container has to be acid/alkali leakproof lined.
  • Put this box inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Place the battery on a metal or fibreboard container. The container has to be acid/alkali leakproof lined.
  • Put this box inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Do not put anything else in the box with the battery.
  • Make sure that the box always remains inside up.

Can you ship multiple car batteries?

You can transport multiple car batteries on a pallet. Pack the car batteries following the instructions above and make sure the pallet follows the specifications of the applicable regulation.

  • Cover the bottom of the pallet with a sheet of sturdy cardboard.
  • Put the boxes with car batteries on the pallet.
  • Put a sheet of cardboard or waffle board between each level of batteries.
  • Wrap the car batteries with protective plastic film. Make sure the boxes are completely affixed to the pallet and do not move.

How do I pack an electric car battery?

Given that your car battery complies with the IATA regulation, you can pack your electric car batteries for transport or for your move following these instructions before you pack them:

  1. Remove the car battery from the car.
  2. Cover the terminals with non-conductive materials to avoid short-circuits.
  3. Keep the batteries separated from metals and other materials that can cause short-circuit.
  4. Put the battery on hard plastic or fibreboard. Put this box inside a sturdy cardboard box.

If you want to know more about how to ship a car battery or need specific information about your delivery ask our experts directly and they will help you with everything you need.

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