Can I change the delivery date or the delivery address?3 min read
alterar morada de entrega

It actually happens quite often that customers would like to change the delivery date or the delivery address. Usually, they need to change the order details, when some unpredictable changes occurred or they notice, that they made some mistakes while filling in the order form. If you ever needed to change collection or delivery details after you booked a shipping service you know that this is not always the simplest thing to do, but still, some details can be changed after the order was already placed.

In most cases changes of the collection or delivery details are possible

Almost all courier companies allow changes of already placed orders. With some, you might be able to make the changes yourself in your customer account and with other companies you will have to contact them and require the changes.

In case you would like to cancel your order, you should know that it’s possible that you won’t receive a reimbursement for the money you spent. This is usually the case with parcel brokers, which just pass the orders to the courier service providers. Since costs already incur when the order is confirmed with the service provider, you might not be entitled to receive a full or a partial refund.

Can I change the delivery date or the delivery address?

The delivery date is a parameter which cannot be modified or selected manually in the ordering process and the customers can also not change it after they already placed the order. Although the customers cannot change the delivery date, they can change the delivery address as well as the collection date and the pick-up address.

Change the delivery date

How can I make changes to the pick-up or delivery details of my order?

If you booked courier services with Eurosender you can change the collection date as well as the pick-up and delivery address.

If you add the option “flexible changes” to your shipping order, you can make changes of the collection date, the pick-up, as well as the delivery address and you can rectify mistakes you’ve done when you were filling in the order form. All these changes can be made only before the shipment is collected. You can read more about this option in our blog post Introducing “Flexible changes”.

If you have to make changes to your order, but you didn’t purchase the flexible changes option, you can still request changes of your order details, but you will be charged with an additional fee of 15,00€. In case you would like to change the collection or delivery details of your order you need to contact us.

What you should consider when changing the details of your order

Changing the collection date could delay the pick-up of your parcels. If you change the pick-up or the delivery address after the order was already submitted to the courier service provider, the pick-up of your parcel will most probably be postponed. This happens because the new data has to be processed again in the system. Also, since the courier drivers follow a pre-determined route, last minute modifications of their schedule may not be possible.

Another situation in which the pick-up will be postponed is when the collection point is located in a remote area. This is because the courier companies pick-up and deliver to remote areas only on specific days of the week. Moreover, deliveries to remote areas usually also imply remote area surcharges. You can read more about this topic in the blog post Shipping to Remote Areas & How Courier Services Work.

How to avoid changing the details of your order

We recommend always checking all the pick-up and delivery information before inserting them in the order form. When placing an order on Eurosender platform, at the last step of the ordering process, you will have the chance to review your order details and rectify any mistakes. If you are not sure about the pick-up or delivery address details, we advise placing the order only after you are certain about these two. This way you can prevent delays and additional fees following changes that you make to your order later on.