Getting Christmas Trees to City Centres and Squares

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Shipping Christmas trees to city centres and squares

Christmas holidays are approaching, and our cities are beginning to dress up in fancy and beautiful garments woven from the warm lights of garlands and all types of other multi-coloured lights. But probably the biggest jewels of our cities in this period are beautifully decorated Christmas trees – usually majestic and splendid in capitals and big cities, and smaller, more tender, but no less charming in smaller cities and towns. Given this, here’s an interesting thing: do we know how much logistics effort and special equipment is needed to ensure that such beauties are delivered to our cities every year? In this article, we would like to touch the topic of shipping Christmas trees to city centres and squares. We will look behind the scenes of the process of bringing the holiday atmosphere to our cities in this special period of the year.

How does the logistics of big Christmas tree delivery work?

Have you ever seen (whether live or on a video) how a giant Christmas tree is delivered every year in New York City in order to be installed at the famous Rockefeller Centre? Fascinating, isn’t it? It has been a great tradition for decades to perform such “operation” each year and not only in New York City but in many cities around the world.

Christmas city square

Let’s see how does the process of delivering a Christmas tree to our city work and what is behind the logistics of a big Christmas tree delivery. First of all, you have to find a suitable Christmas tree at the right time, which would both in its size and shape be perfect to be installed in a city square. In every corner of the globe, in each country and in each city, there are different criteria for choosing a Christmas tree, yet we can note here, as an example, some characteristics that the live Christmas trees placed on major squares of some of the world’s biggest cities have. For example, the height of the city’s main Christmas tree is usually between 20 and 30 metres, its age ranges from 50 to 60 years, and its weight is about 10 to 15 tons. Among the most popular fir trees to be installed on city squares are Norway spruce, white spruce, blue spruce, balsam fir, Scots pine, etc.

Once the appropriate fir tree is selected, it should be carefully cut using special techniques involving thick ropes and a crane. The tree is then loaded onto a special truck about 35 m long and securely fixed on the vehicle in order to be protected to the maximum against any damage during its transportation (that is often quite a long journey of several hundred kilometres) to its installation location.

In case of successful delivery of the Christmas tree to its destination (and only in case of successful delivery, since if the fir tree is somehow damaged during its transport, it will have to be replaced), it gets lifted by special cranes and crews of workers. Yet, before the Christmas tree is hoisted to take its spot on the square, a special spike is driven into its trunk, which will keep the tree better fixed on the stand. Thus, a very important logistics part of the work to install the main Christmas tree in the city is completed. Now the next part of the process begins, less risky but no less important – decoration of the Christmas tree!

The importance of providing high-quality logistics services

Getting big Christmas trees to city centres and squares is a complex process. Just imagine that a huge beautiful Christmas tree carefully selected by specialists is damaged during its transport at the entrance to the city in which it is supposed to be installed, having preliminarily overcome the distance of hundreds of kilometres (a trip that can sometimes take up to several days). In such a case the tree will have to be replaced, and this process may take some time, as it will be necessary to re-select a suitable tree and go through the whole process of preparing and delivering it to its final destination again. Thus, the planned deadlines for installing the main Christmas tree in a city are violated.

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Last modified:November 28, 2019

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