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Both courier companies and online stores have different rules when it comes to refunding for late shipping and delivery. Some situations would require you to write a complaint letter for the late delivery of the goods and start with the claims process.

Getting compensation for late delivery when you bought items online

When you are ordering online, you do not have to write a direct complaint letter for the late delivery of the goods to the transportation company, but rather, you should manage this with the retailer. When you buy the items online, you get into a contract with the retailer, and you should always see that communication is between the parties involved.

Before you ask for a refund for the late shipping, did you try and track the parcel online? If you have not, then maybe you should do that first before you continue with the claim and complaint letter for the late delivery of the goods. If you see that the parcel is on their way, the retailer may refuse to compensate you.

Nonetheless, for ordered things online, under the Consumer Contract Regulations, you have certain refunding rights for the late delivery of the goods. After receiving the parcel, and within 14 days of the arrival date, you can return the package to the sender, and receive a refund. The box must be in its original packaging and should not have been opened to be eligible for a refund for the late shipping. Usually, sellers on eBay or Amazon have to deal with late delivery compensations requested by the buyer.

However, if you notice that the retailer is relatively uninformed and uninterested regarding the current situation you have found yourself in, you should contact the courier company directly.

Can I get compensation for the late delivery if I cancel the order?

Many times, buyers decide to cancel the order if it did not arrive within the promised time-frame. However, if you get the refund for the late delivery by cancelling the order, depends mainly on the store and their Terms and Conditions. Therefore, you would have to further check this on your own with the online store.

The item was delivered after the refund. What now?

Sometimes, after receiving the refund, you also receive the items you have ordered online. Unless otherwise specified with the Terms and conditions, you can keep the parcel and the money, or you can agree differently with the seller. As this was something you could not have influenced anyhow else, now the seller depends on your goodwill. However, bear in mind that many times, it not the seller’s fault, as much as it was not yours for the delay.

Compensation for late delivery with courier companies

Neither the courier company nor the receiver of the goods wants to find themselves in such a situation; however, a delayed delivery is not that uncommon. As courier companies care to maintain their reputation, some couriers as UPS, FedEx, DHL may refund you for late delivery if certain conditions are met.

The courier companies see to differentiate their offering portfolio, and for some, you may get certain benefits and guarantees, and for others, you may get the basic service. Therefore, if it is crucial for you that the parcel arrives within specific days, then you should further check their services. If you need an urgent delivery, what you can also do is to book express shipping and have the parcel delivered within 24 hours in Europe, or 48-72 hours worldwide.

Claim and compensation procedure for late delivery with Eurosender

At Eurosender, we organise the transportation with the most renowned logistics companies; however, we cannot guarantee the delivery date, as many times, many factors may influence the shipping. You can start a claims procedure for the late delivery, if you have not received the parcel, and believe it is lost.

Do I get compensation for the late delivery if I cancel the order before the package arrives?

If you have booked your order with Eurosender, you cannot cancel the order before arrival; thus, not compensated for late delivery. With certain services, you can cancel the order until the moment of the collection; however, in general, once the order is collected, and you later change your mind, you will not get compensation.

Last modified: October 7, 2020

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