The Concept of Green Logistics2 min read
Green Logistics

The well-being of our environment is a rising concern nowadays. Both political parties and institutions are implementing new rules or laws in order to reduce the impact we all have on our surroundings. Global warming is not an imaginary problem anymore, and everyone should be aware of that. Logistics companies are no exception, that is why the concept of Green Logistics was born.

What Does Green Logistics Mean?

“Green logistics” connects the environmental concern with logistic activities. This concept ties environmental and economic efficiency to logistics by trying to reduce the impact of the sector on the environment. For this purpose, institutions try to be eco-conscious while performing their activities at the lowest cost possible. International legislation has already been introduced to some extent, in order to reduce pollution. However, there are still many things a company can do to minimize their environmental footprint.

Green Logistics – How Can Logistics Companies Be Environmentally Friendly?

There are many ways for a company to reduce its ecological impact.

  • Eco-friendly packaging material: By using reusable materials that could be returned after the transport is performed, the company can actually save money. A good example of this is using strong and sturdy pallets, to ensure a long-term use;
  • Packing items more efficiently: Packing the items in a way that more can fit in a single box;
  • Giving back to the environment: Many companies engage in eco-campaigns to balance the impact of their services. For example, planting trees to outweigh the amount of CO2 produced;
  • Load Optimization – One example of load optimization can be to send a truck only when it is fully loaded;
  • Route Optimization – Cutting down travel costs, time or distance. By choosing the best route, is it possible to save fuel and, consequently, reduce the amount of CO2 emissions;
  • Choosing the eco-friendliest transportation method available – Surprisingly, air freight is the transportation method that causes the most harm to the environment. Thus, whenever possible, it is important to choose more ecological options, like rail or road transportation.

Why is Eurosender Eco-friendly?

Eurosender supplements courier companies’ volume, by ensuring that they only send fully-loaded trucks. Besides, air transportation is not preferred and only used when there is no other way to transport goods. Thus, by placing your order with Eurosender, you are investing in an eco-friendlier option. However, there are many things you can do yourself, like using recyclable items, reusing packaging whenever possible and choosing eco-friendly companies. We should all opt for “green” companies since the well-being of the environment is our responsibility.

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