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Perhaps you have heard thousands of times terms such as ‘courier company’ and ‘carrier’, but do you know the difference in their meanings? Today, we will talk about the difference between a shipping carrier and a shipping courier to better understand the key benefits and disadvantages.

The key differences between a courier company and a carrier

Courier company vs carrier – what type of delivery should you choose? We gathered the most important differences between a carrier and a courier company to explain their benefits and disadvantages.

What a courier is in logistics?

Courier – is a company or a person who is responsible for performing the shipping service directly to the receiver.

The courier services are mostly used for delivering small shipments and low weight such as mails, documents, gifts, cosmetics, clothes and many other goods that could be considered as not heavy packages. There are many types of courier services, depending on the speed of delivery, the type of consignments and the courier company.

Among the most well-known international companies that offer courier services globally are such courier companies like DHL, BRT, FedEx, Chronopost, DPD, UPS, and many others.

What a carrier is in logistics?

Carrier – in logistics refers to a transportation company that delivers parcels using air, truck, and rail for delivery.

In logistics, a carrier will collect your parcel, take it to a local transfer point where it is transferred to another vehicle along with other parcels, and so on until your parcel arrives at its destination. As you see, your shipment is only a part of a large delivery network and the shipping time depends on the carrier company schedule.

Courier company vs. carrier

Now as we have determined the meaning of the terms, let us sum up with highlighting the list of differences between a courier company and a carrier shipping which are gathered in the tables below.

Courier shipping

Pros Cons
Door-to-door delivery More expensive cost
The option of the same day delivery Strict limitations in package dimensions and weight
The fast and efficient way to ship your goods
Low risk of damaging your package
Personalised service, and extra care of your goods

As you can see, there are lots of advantages of courier services as they are more customer-oriented and you pay more for a higher level of delivery. While the main disadvantages of courier service are cost and size limits. Most courier services have strict limits on the size of packages as the parcels are handled and lifted by people so the larger the parcel is, the higher the prices are.

Carrier shipping

Pros Cons
Online tracking system The delivery time is usually within a set timeframe
Much cheaper shipping cost You depend on the time when there are other deliveries scheduled in the area
No limitation on size and weight Higher risk of parcel damages

When talking about a carrier company, we usually refer to a cheaper way of shipping goods internationally. Many online retailers as Aliexpress and Alibaba use carrier services. That’s why the shipping cost is low, and the parcel is got damages sometimes.

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Last modified: January 13, 2020

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