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Ordering online has become so common nowadays that everybody does it. It is so practical: you see something you like, you buy it and it is sent directly to the address of your choice. However, you will only be provided with an estimated delivery time, which means that you can never know for sure when the courier will be at your place with your precious parcel. Moreover, most of us can’t afford to stay home the whole day. We all have some kind of obligations like going to work, picking up the kids from school or running errands. So, what happens when you miss your delivery? The parcel might be returned to the shipper but first, the courier service provider might come again the next day to try to deliver your package or he might leave it in a parcel shop or depot. In this article, we will give you a better insight into what are the delivery points of courier companies and we will also name a few of them.

What is a pick-up point?

When talking about deliveries, a pick-up point is a place where one can collect a package. It can be a little store, a parcel shop or a depot. It is a delivery point for the courier company when the delivery failed because the consignee wasn’t home when the driver of the service provider came by. Some courier companies like DHL, DDP or GLS have their own drop-off and pick up facilities while others don’t. However, these facilities might not be easily accessible to everyone. They might be too far away from someone’s house or workplace, it might be hard to get there without a car or hard to park there. Therefore, the courier companies negotiated with small shops everywhere around the world to be able to leave the packages with them. Usually, the courier company driver leaves the parcel in delivery point which is as close as possible to the address of delivery indicated during the order.

What are the different pick-up points in Europe?

The first and most common pick-up points are the national delivery carrier offices. This means, that a lot of packages, sent through the national post office, ends up in local post offices if the delivery wasn’t successful. Bpost, for example, the Belgian Post Group, has the highest number of pick-up points in Belgium but also has a solid presence in the Netherlands.

If the shipping was done by a courier service provider which has its own depots, then the parcel will, most of the time, be left there. If they have a preestablished agreement with another pick-up point brand, which is closer to your place, they might as well leave it there.

In France, these delivery points for courier companies are quite popular. If the delivery failed, the courier company driver can leave the parcel in a Mondial Relay, in a Tabac Presse or in any small shop where it’s written relais colis.

In Germany, DHL and Hermes have got the most pick-up points. Therefore, they are the main delivery places of courier companies there.

Collect + and Royal Mail are the most common pick-up points in the United Kingdom.

Punto Pack is the local brand of Mondial Relay in Spain and along with DPD, UPS and DHL, they are the providers of delivery points for courier companies.

In Slovenia, DPD has an agreement with Petrol, the gas station and with Trafika points. Therefore, these places are considered as DPD pick-up points but this is not their primary goal. This might be the case in all the other countries as well. If a local store or shop has a partnership with courier companies and is a delivery place for them, the shop owner will put a sticker in the shop window. You just have to check while entering the shop if there are any indications regarding a preestablished agreement.

Don’t forget to check your mailbox!

Whenever a delivery fails, the driver of the courier service provider will leave a note with all the relevant information you need. On this notice, there will be written where your package can be picked up and, in most cases, the time frame to pick it up will also be indicated.

If you have more questions on failed deliveries, do not hesitate to read our article on the topic or to contact our customer service. Our agents will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Last modified: August 5, 2019

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