How to Send a Parcel From Home (Guide)4 min read
Courier pickup from home

How to send a parcel from home – The steps required

Step 1 – Book a shipping service online

You can send your package to any country in Europe and abroad with the help of the Eurosender platform. You can select one or more than one shipping methods according to your needs. These are some of the options you can choose from:

  • Door-to-door delivery, where the courier will collect the package from your doorstep and deliver it to the doorstep of the chosen destination.
  • Next-day delivery, where the courier will collect the parcel from your home and will deliver it within 24h in Europe.
  • Same-day collection, where the courier will collect the parcel and deliver it within the same day if booked early in the morning.
  • All other services, from envelope to van collection and deliveries.

Do you want to check what is the price for courier collection from home? Check the price below!

Step 2 – Write down your address for courier collection from home

Write down your address and contact phone number in the field for “Sender” and the courier will come to collect the parcel from the sender’s location. The courier company will come to your home or office address, and all you need to do is hand over the parcel.

Step 3 – Prepare your shipment for delivery

  • Put all your items into one box and wrap each item separately from the other so that they don’t break during the shipping process.
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or foam rubber and place them inside boxes with packing paper before putting them into another box for shipping purposes.
  • Ensure there are no sharp objects inside the package as they might cut open the cardboard material during the transportation process.

Check out how to prepare your parcel for delivery in more detail here.

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How to send a package from home with Eurosender?

Our booking tool will give you an instant price for your doorstep delivery, for which you will receive the cheapest option for courier collection from home. To get the price, you have to:

  • Insert the countries of pick-up and delivery,
  • Select the shipping service,
  • Insert the weight and dimensions,
  • You get the cheapest shipping option from your home!

Benefits of sending packages from home with Eurosender

The main advantages of using our platform:

  • You will avoid waiting in lines at the post office. Did you know that a person spends on average 5 years waiting in lines throughout their lifetime?
  • You do not have to carry the weight of your package around town! All you have to do is enjoy your day at home and wait for the courier driver to pick up the parcel on the scheduled day for collection.
  • You get many pricing alternatives if you book through our platform. Since we work with many courier companies and negotiate our prices, you can be assured that you get the cheapest shipping price on the market. Sounds too good to be true, right? Check it out for yourself!
  • Every shipment sent through our platform has a tracking number available, already included in the price you will be paying. We help deliver goods only with tracking numbers, making it easier for you to always know the status of your parcel.

What courier companies can collect your parcel from home?

You can book many services to ship packages from home through various courier companies, such as:

  • GLS – Check all shipping information about GLS here.
  • DPD – Check all shipping information about DPD here.
  • DHL – Check all shipping information about DHL here.
  • UPS – Check all shipping information about UPS here.
  • FedEx – Check all shipping information about FedEx here.

How to mail packages from home with different weights?

  • Small packages – these are items that weigh up to 30 kg, or some destinations, up to 30 kg. They have a small size, so they can fit into an envelope or box, and the courier driver can collect such parcels on their regular routes without having to book any special services for them. You can book standard or express shipping for such types of shipments.
  • Larger parcels – these are items that weigh more than 30 kg, or some destinations, up to 30 kg. For such types of shipments, it is required that you book a different shipping method, like a Van or Pallet collection from home.

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