The difference between flat rate and standard shipping rate3 min read
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The difference between flat rate and standard shipping rate

Probably many of you have heard about flat and standard shipping rates. In this article, we are going to explain the difference between them and how to choose wisely the right and the most efficient method of shipping.

Flat rate shipping VS Standard shipping rate

The first one, flat shipping rate, is used for purpose of unification and standardization of your shipment. If it meets certain criteria of size and weight, the same rate applies to the shipment in one particular region, for example, for local national delivery. It means that you can pick among several box and envelope sizes, each of them has its own weight limit. You can choose the smallest parcel size that the item you are going to send fits it, and if the weight allowance is not exceeded, send it with standard shipment. Many national post services use that system.

On the other hand, the standard international shipping rate may vary every time you ship parcels to different destinations. The difference you can see in the shipping rate is caused by many factors: the weight and size of the shipment, as well as the distance to travel. This is the traditional approach, you need to weight and measure your parcel before sending it. Look at the table where some benefits of each shipping method are listed.

Standard shipping Flat rate shipping
Also allows urgent shipping Fixed delivery time
The custom calculator of the price Fixed price determined by the carrier
By shipping with the standard shipping, you could save money by making use of tailored-made quotes. Saves time: no need to weight and measure the parcel
Allows shipping to many different destinations, good for international businesses that operate worldwide Allows affordable shipping to a particular local destination
Good for small companies and individuals who send shipments that are different in size and weight Good for extensive businesses with identical shipments
Every time the price differs One price for all shipments

In the following chart, you can see that most of the courier companies, part of our logistics network, opted for a standard shipping rate. Of course, some companies offer both standard and flat shipping rate. This allows us to offer you the best price on the market and help you save your money by using the shipping rates calculator and book the shipping service on our platform!

Companies Standard rate Flat rate
Post Luxembourg
Gebrüder Weiss
DB Schenker
Post Nord

“How to choose between flat rate shipping and a standard international shipping rate”

To start with, the flat rate shipping is a good choice for big companies that need to ship a lot of similar parcels locally while standard shipping suits better small companies and individuals who want tailor-made price offers. The difference between flat rate and standard shipping rate may not be significant, but if you operate at the international level and have to send many items, it could be a good way to save money.

As a conclusion, it is always better to check the prices for the delivery within the zone you are interested in and for the chosen destinations. Also, check the availability of tracking and other important options for you like the shipping insurance etc. Many individual senders and small businesses choose standard shipping rate because their demands vary every time they ship different parcels, you never know which thing you will need to send beforehand.