Do courier drivers speak the local language?

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If you are a foreigner, relocated, expat or Erasmus student who needs to send something from the country you reside abroad to another country, you could have asked yourself a question: “Can the courier driver speak my language?” or “How should I communicate with him or her?” There are a lot of doubts when you are abroad and don’t know how the local courier services work.

What language do they speak?

The courier drivers are mostly locals who work within the limits of their countries, so they are supposed to speak the national language of the country they live in. Some may speak English as one of the international languages, but not necessarily. We cannot guarantee that the courier driver will speak any language you need. The courier may call you to arrange the pick-up, but only national phone numbers will be contacted. Be sure to provide the national phone number of the country of the pick-up if you want the courier to be able to contact you. To learn more about how the standard courier services work you can read this article.

Communication with someone who does not speak your language can be not so easy and sometimes even frustrating. Here we can give you some advice that can ease a bit your communication with a courier driver:

  • use the service of translation by Google on your smartphone
  • write down and translate the questions you may have and ask the courier driver when he arrives
  • use gestures and mimics, they are mostly international.

There are also some steps you can take to avoid direct verbal communication in the unknown language at all:

  • prepare the parcel for the pick-up (print the label if such is the case). When you print the label, it will be in the language of the pick-up country.
  • when the courier arrives, read carefully what is written on the shipping label, check the delivery details (directions and names of the sender and the recipient). It is important to check that all the details are spelt correctly, the parcel won’t be delivered if the address is misspelt.
  • you can ask your local friend who speaks the language of the country you live in to help you in the communication with the courier.
  • leave the parcel with someone who speaks the local language
  • ask your local friend to call the courier beforehand and ask about all the details that you need

The concept of the sending label

But all those means are not necessary, as each parcel has an individually printed label in which states the sender, the receiver and their addresses. Also, it has a bar code that can be read with special equipment used at the delivery services. Such code helps to track the shipments and make the delivery possible. In most countries, the couriers provide you with a label to stick it on your parcel, but in the case of Spain, Poland and Sweden you need to print it yourself. All the details will be written in the language of the country of the pick-up.

We are here to help you!

In Eurosender we have customer support that can assist you in most of the European languages: Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, and Spanish. You can address us in case you have any doubts or questions.

Last modified:August 12, 2019

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