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Has the Erasmus programme been on your friends’ lips ever since you started University? And all you hear are only the pros of taking a semester abroad, how amazing and how life-changing it was. When you wanted to take a closer look – on the Internet, everyone is also speaking how great Erasmus is! If you are looking for a reason why you should never study abroad – here we are. We present the list of drawbacks of Erasmus programme.

Gaining international friends

You already have a group of friends in your country, so there is absolutely no need for meeting new people and making new friends. They may influence your personality and inspire you to think differently or to change something in your life – this one is one of the biggest drawbacks of Erasmus, isn’t it? Maybe they will make you step out of your comfort zone, so – be careful and stay away from the Erasmus family, as they call themselves! They may want to make lifelong friendships with you and keep meeting after Erasmus ends (despite living in different countries!).

Getting to know new cultures

Another one of the many drawbacks of Erasmus is discovering too much about the world. Why explore new customs, new types of music, food, and art when the culture of your country is just perfect? And well, if it is not – you can always turn on the TV or watch something on Netflix – it will be the same, right? Experiencing new things and being open-minded is just boring. Why bother? And (God forbid) it may change your way of thinking about the world, people and yourself!

Getting a Tripophopia

After tasting the nomad life there will be no way back. Tripophobia, sound scary, doesn’t it? It is the fear of not having any travel trips currently booked. The feeling that all the Erasmus students are struggling to overcome after coming back from a semester abroad. What makes tripophobia one of the biggest drawbacks of Erasmus, you may ask. Moving to another place for a couple of months will wake up the wanderer that is snoozing inside you. In one moment, you will find out, that there are so many countries you still haven’t been and you really wish to go. Be careful and think twice before applying – you may happen to be addicted to traveling before you know it.

And there is no cure!

Drawbacks of Erasmus

Being multilingual

Most likely you will study in English and will get to know the local language…but what for? Your native language is enough! It is spoken in one, or if you are lucky enough few countries. For sure you won’t have any problems with communication when working in an international environment! And all the confusion with understanding so many people speaking different languages and being able to communicate with them… better leave it! What if someone will want to employ you because of being multilingual…

Handling your own finances

Being independent? Who needs that… It’s better to stay at home and enjoy not having to be in charge of shopping for groceries, accommodation or transportation. You are not planning to move out of your parent’s house at any point in your life, true?

Having your stay abroad partially covered

You can study without any tuition fees at almost every university in the European Union, even the best. But what’s the point? For sure you will get the same experience by just staying at your Alma Mater, not trying any other techniques of studying or changing the environment.

Finding yourself

By being lost, unaided, immersed in the international environment you will be most likely to get to know yourself better. Probably you will find your “selling points” and will have time to highlight them! So last but not least – the ultimate of all the drawbacks of the Erasmus programme is not being lost anymore, or being lost a little less.

As you can see, it was a really tough task to find any drawbacks of the Erasmus programme, so take this post with a pinch of salt. Of course, you may feel homesick or the weather might be not as you wish it to be – yet, the disadvantages of Erasmus are not clouding the benefits of taking part in the programme. So wonder no more – pick your perfect destination and start the adventure!



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