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Every year, more and more students are looking for learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom environment. They see their time at school or university as a chance to develop themselves personally and professionally, rather than merely passing exams. If you find yourself in a similar situation and are looking for organisations to help you grow, EESTEC, supported by Eurosender, may be just the thing you need.

What is EESTEC and how can they help you?

EESTEC stands for Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association. They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to students enrolled in electrical engineering and computer sciences courses around Europe. With the goal of promoting cultural and professional exchange, they organise several workshops, travel activities, educational challenges, and events happening in various European countries and online.

Currently present in 50 cities across Europe, EESTEC welcomes every student from fields related to Information Technology who wish to develop their network and skills. Students can enrol with tasks within the organisation, participate in events, and build an international contact base that will help them move forward with their professional careers.

What can Eurosender do for you?

At Eurosender, we are strong supporters of cultural exchanges and youth mobility. We are fully aligned with EESTEC’s mission and, therefore, have established a solid partnership to help students who are moving or attending events abroad. As an experienced logistics company, we are able to offer shipping services at special prices and motivate the international experience by taking the burden of arranging a relocation.

We collaborate with respected global couriers to offer door-to-door shipping services for parcels, suitcases, or entire relocations. Sending your belongings abroad is simple, quick and easy with Eurosender.

Types of events and activities arranged by EESTEC

EESTEC organises a wide variety of events, covering all different areas applicable to IT and electrical engineers. Every activity is designed to provide cultural interchange, networking and job-relevant experiences. Here are some examples of events organised by EESTEC:

  • Design Sprint: Learn with theoretical and practical sessions the impact of visual communication and design concepts.
  • EESTech Challenge: The traditional “hackathon” event is based on a different topic every year to boost and challenge the participant’s creativity.
  • CRedit: In-depth session dedicated to learning all about corporate relations on an international level to be able to take on entire fundraising projects.

How to participate?

If you study in a city that already has an EESTEC community, you can reach out and sign up as a member directly with them. If EESTEC is not yet present in your city, you can always establish a new community since the organisation is always happy to expand.

We encourage you to check EESTEC’s website to discover the cities where you can find them and fill out the form to become a partner.

Why do you need international experience?

Academic excellence is absolutely valid and important, but nowadays, international experience is just as valuable for employers. Every company is looking for professionals who are both technically capable and rich in soft skills. Having strong communication abilities, experience with different cultural backgrounds and leadership skills will make you stand out from the crowd to secure your dream job.

Eurosender is an excellent example of this. We are a tech-oriented company made of a very international team, with members from various countries, environments, and degrees. We encourage students to be proactive and participate in organisations such as EESTEC to empower them while young with the skills needed to become the best professional they can be.

Let us help you on this learning journey. Book a shipping service with us when attending events abroad and travel light and stress-free. We will take care of all the shipping details to make sure your belongings arrive safely at your destination.

Last modified:March 05, 2021
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