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Erasmus Life Budapest was created in 2016 when a couple of Hungarian students returned home from their awesome Erasmus semesters in Lisbon, Portugal. Their semester abroad could not have been the same without the help of the organization: Erasmus Life Lisboa. That is how the idea of ELB was born. Local students wanted to give all the incoming international students just as much of a cool experience in Budapest as the one they had in Lisbon. Erasmus Life Budapest specializes in trips, cultural events, but most importantly: parties that will make everyone feel like Budapest is their new favourite city in Europe!

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Erasmus Life Budapest is an independent, non-profit, voluntary, apolitical, non-governmental and non-religious entity inspired by, but not associated directly with other Erasmus Networks. People who work for it strive to make student exchange in Budapest the best time of their life.

It will be the third year since ELB exist and this organization in its short life has already given people plenty of opportunities for learning and self-improvement. This energy helps ELB to continuously strive towards making their members feel at home, helping them before and after moving to Hungary.

This organization gives people the opportunity to work on a wide array of positions and projects, which range from event and project management to human resource management and public relations. It is exactly these diverse tasks that encourage ELB members to fulfil their goal: creating life-long memories for students who visit Budapest that they will never ever forget.

ELB partnered with Eurosender because we have a shared vision – make the life of exchange students easier. Erasmus Life Budapest members are the ones that are in everyday contact with exchange students in Hungary so they could evaluate their needs the best. A simple and fast way to ship packages to their home countries after having spent 6 or more months in a foreign country was a key necessity. That is where Eurosender stepped in – they had everything that ELB was looking for.

For Erasmus Life Budapest members, this is not just one year of their lives, but their lives in one year! Helping with whatever the students need while staying in our amazing city, or visiting other destinations around Hungary and even central Europe is our expertise – and it’s made to work even better with our partnership with Eurosender.

Last modified: August 22, 2019

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