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We understand that you prefer to spend as little as possible on shipping. Eurosender is the right place to find cheap shipping services as our platform is designed and optimized to ship your parcel at low prices. We compare the rates of the best European couriers and then select the courier with the best price-to-performance ratio for the route you choose. You can be sure to receive the cheapest prices for shipping without compromising the quality of the service.

Likewise, did you know that you can take advantage of cheap rates for shipping insurance too? As a matter of fact, your shipment is always insured up to 200 EUR for free. If you prefer to take insurance with higher coverage, there is always the option to purchase an additional one at low fees with a coverage of up to 5.000 EUR.

Although, when using our Eurosender services, you already receive all these benefits, a discount is always a nice extra. Read ahead and find out how you can get a Eurosender discount!

How can I access a discount for Eurosender?

Everyone loves a good discount. There are a number of direct and indirect ways to save on shipping with Eurosender. For example, during the payment process, we offer the possibility to add a coupon code, in other words, a Eurosender discount. Pretty simple right? We like to reward our returning customers. Therefore, when you place multiple orders, you will benefit over time from lower rates. There is not just one way to save money on shipping, but more.

How to get Coupon code for a Eurosender discount

Eurosender discount via partnerships

Over the years, we have built various relationships with organizations and businesses all over Europe. The goal of our partnerships is to combine our shipping services with the ones that these organisations have to offer, and in this way to create more value for our possible prospective customers. Over the years, we have established partnerships with different types of organisations, from housing organisations to expats, student communities, and other alike. One way to see if you are involved with one of our partners is to check here. This archive shows you some of our partnerships, but definitely not all of them.

Eurosender discount for students

We are proud to support students and encourage them to go study abroad. For a Eurosender discount, have a look at your local student organizations. For example, we have many collaborations with different sections of organisations in various countries. Our partners are local, national and international.

So far, Eurosender has already helped over 500.000 students who went on to exchange programmes, a number that is still growing. Another benefit for students is the fact that we can arrange storage of their belongings for as long as it’s needed. This solution has been received very well by those mobile people who relocate to a new country and need a place to store their belongings before arriving at their new home. You can read more about the services we offer to students and NGOs on our dedicated pages.

How to get lower rates for shipping

Eurosender discount for B2B users

As a registered business user, you can benefit from extra low prices. All you need to do is register for free as a company and you will gain access to millions of immediate rates for shipping. Afterwards, you just have to place an order while being logged in and you will immediately see the difference in rates.

But that is not all. You can even get a bigger discount as a business user by using user credits as the payment option. To top-up credit, simply log into your profile and choose User credit from the left-hand side menu. The next step is to choose the amount you would like to top up and follow a few simple steps that will help you complete the process. To make use of your credit when placing an order, simply select User credit as the payment option. For each order paid with User credits, you will receive a 10% discount. That’s a good way to save more money.

At the same time, our regular customers benefit from discounted prices, based on the volume they ship. In such a case, our logistics experts are in charge of arranging deals that are specifically tailored to the need of each business customer.


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Last modified: May 20, 2020

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