Eurosender has Started its Social Responsibility Program3 min read
social responsibility program

At Eurosender, we have recently started our social responsibility program because we believe that this is the time when we can try to bring a positive change and offer our help whenever needed and wherever possible. We believe social responsibility is not only for corporations but also for small companies and startups.

Together with Skai television, we have united our powers for a good cause!

In our effort to have a positive social impact, regardless of the place in Europe, we have decided to travel to Greece and support Skai TV, one of the main local television channels, in its action to collect food for people in need.

With the support of many other companies such as Lidl, Barilla and Body shop, our team participated in the Mini Marathon, organized by Skai television near Athens, in the same place where the famous historical Marathon first took place. The event celebrated human vitality, health, wellness and, most importantly, reminded us of the importance of solidarity, since this year’s run was dedicated to the support of “Οloi Μazi Βoroume” and its efforts to collect non-perishable food items for people in need. Due to the economic and immigrant crisis, Greece is struggling with citizens in desperate need of food and basic support. In the light of that, applicants were requested to donate non-perishable food items to “Οloi Μazi Βoroume” instead of paying a registration fee. Therefore, the donations not only guaranteed a place in the run but also contributed to the main cause of the event.

Eurosender embraced the challenge by doing what we know the best

We dispatched a big shipment of food from our offices in Slovenia to Greece two weeks prior to the marathon, sending this way our love and showing our care for Greek people.

After a very successful official launch of Eurosender services to the Greek market, on Sunday, June 5th, me, as the Market manager for Greece and our CEO, Tim Potocnik, we ran 10 km mini marathon, obtaining another Greek success by finishing 111th and 50th among 1000 runners. They were rewarded with a symbolic medal that will remind them of this event forever and had complimentary drinks with all of the participants, where memories for years to come were moulded.

Proud of our first CRS action, Eurosender made an important step towards its commitment to pursue solidarity to the society and the environment and to provide hope for fellow people.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Skai television for their organization and to all the participants and donors, who made this event such a success.

You can get a glimpse of the event by watching the live video that we recorded on Facebook.

Eurosender doesn’t stop here with supporting humanitarian cases. Stay tuned for our next step!