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Contrary to standard packages, shipping pallets is not always easy. Especially if you struggle to find the right pallet. As shipping experts, we have already advised you how to prepare a pallet for shipping and find standard packaging, but what about finding the right pallet?

How to find the right pallet

First of all, not all pallets are identical. And if you plan to ship internationally, it is important to know the difference, as using a wrong pallet may actually affect the transit of your shipment.

Each pallet shipped abroad should bear the so-called “wheat stamp”, which indicates compliance with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). Its main purpose is to prevent disease and insects from spreading while shipping wood packaging materials (such as pallets). As long as your pallet meets the requirements, you should not experience any problems when sending it.

However, finding the right pallet also means choosing its size and type. A pallet should not only be tailored to your shipment but also allow you to handle it easily, save storage space and reduce transportation costs. Note that there are different dimensions favoured worldwide, and they can also differ depending on the industry.

L x W


80 × 120 cm


100 × 120 cm

Europe, Asia

110 × 110 cm


106,7 × 106,7 cm

North America, Europe, Asia

121,9 × 101,6 cm

North America

116,5 × 116,5 cm


Taking durability of shipment into account, you can choose between wooden and plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are often strong enough, not to mention that they are less expensive and easy to repair or recycle. Wood pallets are definitely the most common type shipped internationally, but they also come with certain disadvantages, such as being difficult to clean and handle (due to their weight).

Plastic pallets on the other hand, are increasingly popular. Despite the higher cost, they often turn out to be a better long-term investment because of their durability. Nonetheless, plastic may be lighter and safer to handle, but it can’t be repaired that easily. If you choose this option, make sure you find the right pallet made from quality plastic, as they generally have a lower weight-bearing capacity than wooden pallets.

find the right pallet

The last thing to consider when looking for the right pallet is the supplier you get it from. Do some research – both wooden and plastic pallets can be bought from most pallet manufacturers and distributors in your area (which you can find using Europages, for example). Alternatively, you can visit either a local DIY store, such as Bauhaus, Obi and Leroy Merlin (you can find more examples here) or use eBay, Alibaba or Gumtree to find the right pallet and ship it to yourself. Also, many companies recycle the pallets received from other parties, so you might even get one for free. Good places to start are smaller construction sites, auto body shops or farm stores, which usually stock a handful of pallets.

Once you find the right pallet, you can go ahead and prepare your shipment. Don’t worry, if you need any more assistance in packing or shipping your goods, simply visit our website or email us at

Last modified: February 13, 2020

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