5 forces transforming logistics

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Logistics is changing. Nowadays, we expect a more secure, cheaper and greener delivery system. We are also thinking of the robotization of the industry, which is both admired and frightening. Finally, we hope for faster delivery, even to the most remote places. What are the forces transforming logistics? What values will these advances bring to you? Here are some of the answers.

1) Blockchain technology

Among all the forces transforming logistics, the Blockchain is the most interesting and complex aspect. It could be defined as: “A technology for storing and transmitting information, operating without a central review body. »

The most important thing is the following words: “Without a central review body”. In other words, it is about being able to exchange value between two economic agents without having recourse to an intermediary. These intermediaries may be banks or governments.

The Blockchain can be imagined as an open ledger: transparent and secure since the information cannot be modified unilaterally.

What does this have to do with logistics?

International freight transport is controlled by dozens of different organizations. All these inspections involve a significant administrative cost, particularly for sea freight.

What would happen if these audits were to be digitized? A reduction in costs will be inevitable. This digitization of maritime transport could lead to a saving of 20% of the total cost.

What changes for the customer?

Decrease of delivery time, of mistakes in the delivery and, perhaps, a cut in the final price.

2) Integration of new vehicles

Some new means of shipment are already used. Amazon launched its first drone delivery in 2016. DHL is increasing the use of bicycles for short-distance transport and aims to replace diesel cars with electric vehicles.

Autonomous trucks should also become more widespread, with positive benefits: cost decrease, no interruption, accident reduction.

Other organizations, such as Flying Whales, are no less ambitious, with a transport project using airships. Scheduled to be built in 2020, these airships should be able to carry the load of three trucks.

What changes for the customer?

Faster delivery, easier delivery in remote areas, shipments of heavier parcels.

Eurosender can take care of your larger parcels and ship them to the final destination. If you want to obtain a quote for the shipment of such items, you can ask for an individual offer.

3) Implementation of robots

Robotization is one of the forces transforming logistics. There is nothing new about it. It should, however, continue successfully in the future. For example, the company Boston Dynamics, known for creating robots, has developed a new model, able to lift 15kg packages and pallets of dimensions 170cm x 120cm. Genuine technological progress.

Exoskeletons have also been developed to help workers in handling. They allow them to carry heavier loads and relieve back, arm and knee pain.

What changes for the customer?

Better productivity could lead to shorter delivery times.

4) More efficient last-mile deliveries

The “last mile” delivery is the most expensive part of the delivery and represents up to 20% of the total cost. In addition to economic issues, there are also ecological problems. To meet these new challenges, several alternatives are discussed.

Relay point delivery may become more important within a few years. This method of delivery is indeed less expensive and eco-friendlier.

A second solution would be to replace diesel with electric vehicles. This solution has already been adopted by Chronopost, which groups all parcels in the city center, before distributing them by small hybrid or electric vehicles.

What changes for the customer?

Deliveries, wherever you want, in an eco-responsible way.

5) Growth of the same-day delivery market

The express delivery market is expected to grow, particularly in the United States, where the growth of 23% is expected between 2019 and 2022.

Such offers are already available, mainly for the B2C sector, but also between individuals.

This same-day delivery service also represents a win-win situation. The customer finds an opportunity to send his package quickly, which is ideal for sending food or valuable items. On the other hand, transport companies may offer higher rates for this type of delivery.

Eurosender offers a same-day pick-up service in Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia. Eurosender plans to extend this service in the upcoming months.

There are tens of other forces transforming logistics but here are the 5 most important ones. If you have any questions regarding your order with Eurosender, feel free to contact us.

Last modified:August 21, 2019

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