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Organisations Hiring Erasmus

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If you think that Erasmus Exchange Programme only allows you to study abroad, you’re mistaken. Many companies and organisations across Europe have already learnt why hiring Erasmus students is worth considering. Whether you’re a student searching for an Erasmus job or an employer looking for potential interns, you came to the right place. Keep reading to find out more about companies hiring Erasmus students.

Erasmus+ supports internships abroad for both current students and recent graduates. No matter your background, participating in the exchange programme is for everyone. You can not only gain valuable work experience. Language, inter-cultural and soft skills will definitely follow. But what’s in it for employers?

Advantages of hiring Erasmus students

Hiring Erasmus students can benefit your organisation, as they often offer a different perspective and lots of creative energy. Fresh take on business development, especially when it comes to marketing and social media, may be just what your company needs to grow. Remember that willingness to study or work abroad usually equals remarkable adaptability and being eager to learn. Not to mention having exceptional language skills! But there’s also one more perk to consider. Hiring Erasmus students is not reserved for bigger companies – aspiring interns are usually eligible for EU funding, which gives you more flexibility when offering a monthly salary or other benefits. It all makes international students a great investment if you need some extra help for both shorter and longer period of time, as the duration of Erasmus internships varies from 2 to 12 months.

Hiring Erasmus Students

Organisations hiring Erasmus students

Although internships are recognised by more and more companies across Europe, there are still certain types of organisations known for their interest in hiring Erasmus students. You will probably encounter many Erasmus jobs if you study tourism, have an interest in teaching or look forward to testing your language skills as a customer support agent. Nonetheless, there should be many options available. And if you’re still not sure how to choose your Erasmus destination, this might help you narrow your choices.

  • Universities

The opportunities range from research positions, assistantships or regular work placements in different departments. For example, University of Vienna frequently offers Erasmus internships at its Research Centre Human Rights, but it’s also very common to find job openings suitable for Erasmus trainees in international offices – such as at Universidad Cardenal Herrera in Valencia.

  • Multinational corporations

Some of the biggest companies in Europe may have their own internship programmes, but many of them offer Erasmus placements as well. Accenture, a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, has many internship positions – and some of them may be just right for Erasmus students. The same applies to multinational engineering and electronics company Bosch, which quite regularly offers Erasmus jobs of different kinds.

  • Coworking spaces

Organisations seem to be more likely to hire Erasmus interns if their team is already international. There is no better place to experience cultural diversity than in a coworking space – become a community manager at Locus Workspace in Prague or Poligon Creative Centre in Ljubljana, and get ready to meet lots of self-driven individuals from all over the world. Polishing your language and communication skills guaranteed!

  • Organisations offering services to international students

Once again, multicultural organisations simply favour Erasmus students over their local peers. There are plenty of companies offering services to expats and international students, hence they often look for some help from the natives. Check out Smart Insiders, providing different services to the young internationals in Madrid, or coLanguage, which aims to teach foreign languages via online sessions.

  • Startups

Newly emerged and fast-growing ventures are usually much more exciting than well-established companies. It’s because working for a startup usually means learning new things at a fast pace and truly contributing to the team – and an internship can be a perfect opportunity to see how well you respond to such a busy work environment. As a startup capital, Berlin seems to be a safe choice if you don’t know how to choose your Erasmus destination. And not to brag about our own internship openings, but Eurosender is hiring Erasmus students throughout the year as well.

Applying for an Erasmus internship

Erasmus+ Programme is available for those who are enrolled at a European university. As long as you are a student (or a recent graduate), you can take advantage of it multiple times – but your total time abroad cannot exceed 12 months within one cycle of study. The truth is that there are many organisations keen to hire Erasmus students. But before you start applying for any internship, you should contact your university’s international or employment office first – just to be sure you know your options.

Finding Erasmus jobs may seem challenging at first, but remember that an internship is just one of the options available if you plan to live abroad for a while. You can always find more opportunities abroad – all you have to do is figure out how to choose your Erasmus destination.