How to Apply for Jobs after Erasmus?

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4 years ago5 min read

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After Erasmus, students love getting international experience through jobs and internships. We bring to you certain things to keep in mind before you apply for jobs after Erasmus.

Getting international experience as part of studies during Erasmus leads to people wanting to apply for jobs after Erasmus that are international in nature. The job scenario is different in every country, so the way of applying, the selection process and everything else will be different when you start to apply for jobs after Erasmus internationally. To keep this otherwise daunting task a bit more sane, here are few things to keep in mind before you apply for jobs after Erasmus:

1. Check if you are overqualified.

Job descriptions can get very confusing and misleading. While it’s never bad to take interviews of jobs you are not so sure about, it would be good to double check and be cautious that the job description matches what you are looking for, so that you concentrate more on relevant jobs, instead of applying for any job that matches your specialization area even remotely.

2. Narrow down location options.

This is only to make the process easier. When you start to apply for jobs after Erasmus, have few locations in mind and filter out jobs accordingly. Even if you are someone who is cool about working from any location really, you may have some preference. It would make the process more organized if you go location wise.

3. Video and telephonic interviews are different from each other and very different from face-to-face interviews.

One fact that people tend to take very casually is this. All of us know and believe that video & telephonic interviews are different from face-to-face interviews. However, we do not take this fact so seriously, trust us guys, the difference is immense. It makes a whole lot of difference whether you are getting interviewed face-to-face or on phone/Skype. Also, we do not understand that difference is also a lot between an interview happening on the telephone and on Skype. For example, on the telephone, the interviewer can only hear your voice and it may sound nervous even if you are not so. At least on Skype, the interviewer can see you and judge that you are pleasant. So, prepare for each of these 3 scenarios, not just on the content of your interview.

4. International experience helps in getting international jobs.

When you start to apply for jobs after Erasmus, do not forget to include whatever international experiences you have had of working abroad before this – it can also be volunteer work because the idea here is to put forth the point that you have the experience of working internationally in a new setting cross-culturally.

These are some suggestions from our side to keep in mind before you begin to apply for jobs after Erasmus ends. It is going to be a whole lot of work with preparing a CV, cover letters, filtering jobs and so on, but all that would be worth it. Just keep in mind the basics before you begin and the world is your playground!

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Last modified:August 13, 2019

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