How to Cancel a Delivery?

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Are you expecting your package, and then realized that you no longer need that shipment, and want to cancel the delivery? When it comes to withdrawing your order, timing is everything. Meaning, there are times that you can stop the courier delivery free of charge, unlike other situations, when it is no longer possible to cancel a delivery.

Until when can I cancel a parcel delivery?

As mentioned before, timing is essential when you want to cancel your order. There are three situations in which you can still cancel your order free of charge.

  • The first situation is to cancel the order before it is “Confirmed” with a courier or freight service provider. The order becomes non-refundable once you receive the e-mail with the status “Confirmed”. This e-mail will tell you that we have accepted the order and it was sent for further processing by a logistics service provider. If you want to cancel the parcel collection, it is best to do this before you receive the confirmation e-mail from Eurosender. If you are not sure if the order is confirmed yet, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can inform you of your options. It is the same situation for when you want to cancel the parcel delivery. We always recommend you to contact us as soon as possible so we can help you the best.
  • Secondly, B2B users can always cancel their order until the date of pick-up free of charge. The only thing you will have to do is first, to create a business account and then, to place the order while being logged in as a B2B customer.
  • Finally, the last situation is if you purchase a Flexible Booking service. With Flexible Booking, you can still make changes in your order. It means you can cancel the parcel delivery free of charge until successful pick-up of the parcels (according to the logistics company tracking system). The courier company considers the package to have been picked-up successfully once the tracking information of the logistics company indicates that it was collected. If you are a private customer, we recommend you to purchase Flexible Booking. This way, you can take advantage of being able to make adjustments and cancel your order if needed.

What is a Flexible Booking service?

We are happy to offer our customers the possibility to add Flexible Booking to their order. Flexible Booking provides you with full flexibility to modify any detail in the initial order. You can change the collection date, the pick-up and delivery address and rectify mistakes made in the order form. Keep in mind that you cannot change the country of pick-up and delivery, as the prices differ depending on the shipping route.

Flexible Booking is available to all customers during the order process. Please keep in mind that the Flexible Booking fee is non-refundable.

What is the procedure to cancel the parcel delivery?

You can cancel the parcel collection free of charge before Eurosender submits the order details to the selected logistics services provider. Contact Eurosender to find out if it is still possible to cancel the order the parcel delivery. In case it is still possible to cancel, simply fill out this form “The Form for Exercising the Consumer’s Right to Withdraw from the Contract” and send it to Once Eurosender confirms the order, it will no longer be possible to cancel your order. As a result, if you choose to cancel your order after this, a refund will most likely not be possible. You may try to open a claim to ask for a refund. Our team of experts will then investigate your case and then check whether you are eligible for a refund.

In case you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact Eurosender for any required support. Our team of experts will represent you during the cancellation process with the selected logistics company.

Reasons to stop delivery with a courier company

There are numerous reasons why you might want to cancel the parcel delivery or parcel collection. In case you put down the wrong dimensions and or weight, you must notify the courier as soon as possible.

In most cases, when the weight or dimensions of the package exceed what you placed the order for, you will most likely have to place another order. The reason for this is that the service may change depending on the weight and dimensions as the price and courier may change, which is why a new order is the best way to go.

Maybe you are travelling or even moving, and you have to leave your address earlier than expected. You can always try to have the pick-up address changed so that you will still be able to hand over the package to the courier. Or, maybe you know someone who could hand over the shipment on your behalf. If you have contacted Eurosender and there is no other solution, there are two possibilities. It could still be possible to cancel your order and receive a refund as long as we have not placed the order with the courier. If Eurosender did place the order, you could still request to cancel the order. The only difference would be that you will most likely not receive a refund.

This text was written in collaboration with Annalieke Muelders.

Last modified:April 02, 2020

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