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It is June, and that means the final weeks of the school year have officially begun. Unfortunately, this also means that all Erasmus and exchange programmes are coming to an end soon as well. Having to return to your life back home and leave the friends you made behind may sound like things that you do not even want to think about yet. No more spontaneous trips and exploring the city you have been living in over the past few months – it is time to go back to your old life. We understand that when your exchange is about to end, this is quite the transition you are going to have to go through. There is nothing like the pain of returning from your exchange and being hit with those depressing post-exchange feelings: the Erasmus blues. No worries, you are not the only one suffering from it. And to help you survive coming back, here are a few helpful tips you could keep in mind.

Catch up with your friends

You probably have not seen your friends in months and are dying to hear what has been going on with them and tell them all the amazing adventures you went on. Seeing everyone again will also make you feel happy to finally be back again. Keep in mind that you did just get back from a life-changing experience. So, if you feel different towards some friendships, that is normal. Acknowledge that you are a different person and maybe some friendships just need time to develop and fall into place again.

Plan new things to look forward to

As soon as you get the travel bug, you will not get it out of your system any time soon. Maybe try to plan another trip with your friends or family. Or perhaps you can even plan something with your friends from exchange to see each other again! Planning new adventures is probably one of the best ways to cope with the post-exchange blues. You can also consider going abroad again, because why stop here? There are enough other Erasmus opportunities to look into so you can continue your Erasmus life!

Share your experiences

If your friends start to get a little sick of all the “when I was on exchange” anecdotes, helping out at your university’s International Office or sharing your experiences at your local ESN section might be just the thing for you. You probably have gotten quite familiarized with ESN and what they go through – all the events that they organise at dozens of locations all over Europe. Joining an Erasmus Student Network section close to you might help you relive your own Erasmus experience a little, while also helping current and future Erasmus students with an unforgettable exchange.

Do not forget to say your goodbyes

But of course, do not forget to cherish those final moments and enjoy your final days with your Erasmus friends. By visiting your favourite places one last time you can maybe get a sense of closure and look back on an incredible adventure.

Although you feel sad now that your exchange is coming to an end, you can also look back at a time where you made great memories, life-long friendships and became a new and better version of yourself. Keep being that curious and open-minded person you were during your exchange and enjoy everything you went through. Despite the fact that it is difficult, do not let the post-exchange blues take over your life back home after Erasmus!

And as always, we are here to help. Want to talk? Want to send your luggage home while travelling back from your Erasmus?

Last modified: August 7, 2019

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