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There are several reasons for people to pack racquets for shipping. Maybe you want to have fun while on vacation or you might want to sell them, but some players even need their racquets shipped for international competitions. Here we will give you some tips on how to pack racquets, whether they are badminton, tennis or paddle ones.

How to pack racquets for shipping: What is the best way to do it?

In case you don’t have a special case or box to ship your racquets, having a box that fits the entire racquet is the best option. You can go to a tennis shop or sports equipment store and ask for old racquet boxes. However, it is not always easy to find such long ones. In case you are having trouble finding the perfect box, you have two options: using two same-sized boxes or to use cardboard material to wrap your racquets. Here we will explain to you how you should do it for both methods.

What you will need

  1. Slim cardboard boxes – big enough to fit the racquets, but not bigger than needed. The head of the racquet should fit comfortably inside the box (already wrapped in bubble wrap material);


  1. Cardboard material – It would be old cardboard boxes or new cardboard material;
  2. Bubble wrap – to protect the racquet from impact;
  3. Packing peanuts or old newspapers– to fill in any empty spaces;
  4. Duct Tape – to tighten the protective layers and to seal the box;
  5. Scissors – To cut the material whenever needed;

Where to get the supplies?

  1. Cardboard boxes and cardboard material – Any stationery store or hardware store. You can also get used ones in supermarkets or any other store;
  2. Bubble wrap– Any stationery store or hardware store
  3. Packing Peanuts or old newspapers– Any stationery store or hardware store;
  4. Duct Tape – Any stationery store, hardware store or supermarket;
  5. Scissors – Any stationery store, hardware store or supermarket;

How to pack racquets for shipping?

  1. Wrap the racquet in (at least) two layers of bubble wrap and secure it tightly with tape;

Option 1 – Using two cardboard boxes

  1. Create one single box by attaching the two boxes. Both boxes should be the same size. The box should fit the racquet covered in bubble wrap;
  2. Seal one side of a box with duct tape. Place the head of the racquet inside this box. This part of the racquet should fit perfectly inside the box;
  3. Seal one side of the other box. Due to the small size of the handle, there will be free space between the wrapped handle and the box. Before placing the handle inside the remaining box, fill it with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper to avoid the handle from moving inside the box;
  4. Place the exposed handle inside this box. You can either cut the flaps of the box or insert them inside the other box. These boxes together should cover the whole racquet (the racquet should not be visible);
  5. Before sealing the boxes together, make sure there are no empty spaces. Tape thoroughly the part where both boxes come together. Your package should now look like a single box.

Option 2 – Using cardboard material or used cardboard boxes

  1. Open old cardboard boxes (as many as possible to cover the cover the whole racquet). You should open them horizontally, so end up with long strips of cardboard material;
  2. The best way to do it is to place the strip on the handle until the face of the racquet and wrap it until the opposite side. This will create a box shape;
  3. Cut two long strips of cardboard material to cover the sides. The strips should be about 3 centimetres wider on each side, so it is easier to tape and safer.
  4. Tape the sides securely;
  5. After the sides are placed, proceed to tape the whole package together to avoid the sides from detaching.

Things to remember before shipping

  1. Avoid empty spaces. Gently shake the box to make sure the items don’t move inside. This will ensure your items are packed securely inside.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the cardboard box accurately before placing the order for shipping. This information will be required for calculating the shipping prices.
  3. Make sure that the actual weight and dimensions of the package do not exceed what you stated in your order.
  4. Check with the shipping services provider if you need to print and put labels on the package or if the courier drivers will bring it.
  5. Place the order for shipping at least 2 days before your departure from the location.
  6. Try to be even faster in sending shipments during the festive periods.

Protecting your racquets will ensure a safe delivery. When trying to pack racquets, it is crucial to invest in good packing material to lower any chances of damage. If you still have doubts about packing and shipping, Eurosender’s packing and shipping experts can help you. Feel free to reach us on any of our channels. You can also check more tips on our “How to pack” category.

Last modified: May 23, 2018

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