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Goods delivery is a complicated process – usually many different shipping points are involved, a package may be transferred via several means of transport and carriers. That’s why some unpredictable situations can happen during the way and some of your items could be missing from the package you received. Eurosender explains how this happens and what you should do in the situation when shipment content is missing.

How does it happen that the items are missing?

Some items from the parcel you were expected are missing and now you are trying to figure out what happened and how you can get compensation or the money back from a retailer for the goods you bought online.

  • First, check the package carefully

In most cases, the items are still in the box as sellers sometimes tape tiny items to the packing slip or bundle them inside other items’ packaging. So, before you get worried that some items are missing from your parcel, make sure you have thoroughly checked the packing materials.

  • Second, contact the sender to confirm the items were sent

In case some items are missing from your online order, ask the seller first. Perhaps the seller forgot to add some of the items you ordered, or the goods are out of stock. It also works with the parcels sent by your friends or family. Start with asking the person who sent you the parcel if she or he hadn’t forgotten to add the items you are missing to the package.

If you placed an order online and not all your items have arrived, you can contact the seller to inform about it. Most sellers are also willing to accept returns if you’ve just changed your mind.

  • Third, make sure there were no prohibited items in the parcel

When you ship items that are forbidden or that are leaking or have an odd shape, the courier company may decide to open the package and remove some items. Sometimes, the shipment’s content may be removed after the scanning. Items which are prohibited or look dangerous will be confiscated by the courier company or customs. The courier company usually informs about the removal of such items.

  • Fourth, check if the package is damaged

As some shipments go through some complicated and long routes, sometimes unpleasant things happen, and the packages get damaged or could be lost. Note that in most cases, poor packaging is the reason why some shipment’s content is missing. If you are not sure how to pack safely, read the additional information on Eurosender page.

Make sure you inspected the parcel when the delivery is made and signed a report at the scene. If your shipping order was placed through Eurosender and your parcel has arrived incomplete at the destination, you can open a claim.

If after all these actions, you still can’t find the items that should have been in your parcel, you need to contact the sender or Eurosender team and report about this situation.

My shipping was done through Eurosender and items are missing from the package. What should I do?

To contact Eurosender team, you have to be ready to provide us with information about your package, such as:

      • the tracking number, colour, shape and weight of the parcel;
      • the list of the missing item(s);
      • the estimated content value and other relevant information;
      • the pictures of the package and method of packaging as in such cases the parcel is likely damaged which led to the missing items;
      • the proof of collection and invoice(s) of the lost/damaged item(s).

Once you have the documents and other supporting information, send us an email at The email has to be sent no later than 48 hours after you have received your shipment.

As soon as we get all the necessary information, we can contact the courier company and request them to open an investigation to find the shipment content that is missing. We will keep you updated about the progress of the claim procedure via email. During the process, we might ask you to provide us with additional information, so we recommend checking your email regularly. In case the items can’t be found, we can open a claim for insurance reimbursement.

In case the claim is rejected, we will inform you about the reason for rejection and potential explanations for such a result.

How can I prove that the items are indeed missing?

To make sure that your claim is not a scam, we recommend you contacting the shipper to clarify what exactly it was in the package. Sometimes, the items are missing from the order due to misunderstanding between the customer and sender and not because of the courier’s fault.

Sometimes, unfortunately, the items are missing from the package which was sent by any other person for private purposes. It is better to take photos of the items you are going to ship so you could provide the pictures of the parcel’s content as the proof when opening the claim. However, keep in mind that in case the prohibited items are missing, you won’t receive reimbursement. Here you can check what goods are considered as restricted for shipping.

Does the insurance apply in case of the item(s) missing from the package?

In case the lost package claim is approved, and you have bought shipping insurance in advanced, you will receive a reimbursement. However, the insurance is valid if the items have been packed properly in accordance with our guidelines or in case the missing items were not forbidden to ship.

The amount of compensation is calculated based on the evaluation of the logistics service provider. The money transfer is carried out within 30 business days.

Please note that once the courier company issues a decision, the claim procedure is considered concluded. No appeal can be made to their decision.

Keep in mind that the insurance will not apply if your package or freight shipment contains prohibited items. We highly recommend purchasing additional insurance for the items with a high value or fragile goods which are more predisposed to damages during transportation.

Last modified: May 21, 2020

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