Last Mile Delivery Challenges and How to Improve Them?

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Marcela Neves
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What does last mile in logistics mean?

The last mile delivery in logistics is the final step of the transport. The logistical process of delivering a shipment is long and critical, from dispatch until the order reaches its destination. And the last mile refers exactly to the transport of goods that leave the distribution centre to the final destination, that is, for both B2B and B2C.

Last mile delivery challenges

However, last mile deliveries have some difficulties that impact delivery logistics, such as:

Last mile delivery costs Customer monitoring Customers delivery guidelines Competence in last mile delivery
The last mile in logistics represents one of the shortest and most costly steps for companies. It can impact 20%, 30% or even greater than 50% of the total transport costs. The tracking code alone is no longer sufficient for customers. They expect real-time follow-up and full transparency during the whole process of transporting. A major problem with Last-Mile concerns the customer’s delivery guidelines. A smooth last mile requires direct communication between customer and delivery person, avoiding conflict of information. Deliver the order to the right place, to the right person at the right time, even on the same day. These are some of the biggest last mile delivery challenges; since the delivery also depends on aspects external to the company, such as traffic and road conditions.

There is no point in having all the transport phases before the last mile faster and more efficient, if the final delivery to the consumer is delayed, poorly executed, and bringing no satisfaction to the customer. That is why it is so important to know how to improve last mile delivery.

How to improve the last mile delivery

Some measures can be taken to decrease last mile delivery costs and optimize the customer experience.

We’ve listed some last mile delivery logistics solutions:

  1. Plan the entire delivery, especially the routes to be used, always counting on possible last mile delivery challenges. This is a great way to keep customers informed;
  2. Invest in technology such as software and management systems to contribute to route planning. Using GPS for tracking and even tracking in real-time can also be a good solution;
  3. Bet on the delivery schedule, so as not to run the risk of arriving with the shipment, and the customer is not available to receive it. That way you decrease your company’s last mile delivery cost;
  4. Don’t get stuck with just one supplier and negotiate with other professionals. This will prevent you letting the customer down in case of any last mile delivery challenges;
  5. Invest in distribution networks that is, in several separate distribution centres. This will make your products closer to the customer, reducing last mile delivery costs and time;
  6. Have a harmony between activities and delivery time. Any problem can generate more last mile delivery costs.

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Last mile delivery logistics solutions through Eurosender

Eurosender is your greatest ally when it comes to optimizing your last mile delivery. For each last mile delivery challenge presented, we offer the solution.

  • Low Cost: We work with the most reliable carriers and offer prices below the market; so that you can create your own digital logistics department at the best cost-benefit. Remember to register as a Business to access even lower prices.
  • Customer monitoring: We not only provide the tracking code, but we are in constant contact with carriers and customers, to keep you updated at any time of shipment. Besides, our customer service agents work in more than 15 languages to ensure greater clarity of information for you.
  • Customer delivery guidelines: Whenever needed, our services are customized to your needs and demands. With our intense communication, both with you and the carrier, any guideline of your client can be solved more efficiently.
  • Competence in last mile delivery: Our company knows how to solve last mile delivery challenges. Therefore, with the services offered on our platform, your shipment will arrive at the right place, time and condition.

Why is last mile delivery important?

The last mile is the watershed between good and bad logistics service. It is in the last mile that the company will be able to show the quality of the service and how it is committed to a well-made delivery and within the stipulated deadline.

That is why this last phase is so crucial, as it dictates the customer’s experience with the company. It is where the delivery time and conditions in which the order arrived are evaluated. These aspects are definitive in terms of loyalty, meaning that based on them, the client will or will not resort to your services again.

So, in summary, why is last mile logistics important?

  • Increases chances of loyalty;
  • Ensures competitive advantage in the market;
  • Improves user experience;
  • Optimizes costs and investments in the sector in a more customer-focused way;
  • It corroborates with the positive image of your company, developing a perception of professionalism, security and authority.

Have some doubts about our services offered? Make sure to check our services online or contact us.


Last modified:November 02, 2020

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