Difference Between LTL and TL Freight | Rates, Costs, Delivery Times

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Get the most cost-efficient trucking rate per mile in 2021 directly on our platform after you learn the differences between LTL (Less than Truckload) and TL (Full Truckload) freight. Find out the advantages of both freight transportation methods regarding costs, rates, delivery times, and much more!

What is the difference between LTL and TL freight?

You would have to book a truck service for both LTL and FTL freight transport, but it is crucial to understand that they are not the same.

First, visually see the differences between LTL (Less than Truckload) and TL (Full Truckload) freight to understand the two transportation methods better.

Difference between LTL and FTL freight

Carrying capacity

Please bear in mind that the following information assumes stacked Euro-pallets inside the truck and is suitable for Eurosender freight services.

  • LTL (Less than Truckload) – You can book up to 25 stackable pallets for shared truckload transportation service. The carrier will fill out the rest of the truck capacity with someone else’s belongings.
  • TL (Full Truckload) – You can fill the truck with up to 34 stackable Euro-pallets with the FTL transportation service. The vehicle will be dedicated to your goods only.


The LTL vs FTL freight costs calculation with Eurosender will depend on the route, the size of the load you intend to transport, and freight type. The starting price is from €1.05/km for many destinations, and you can get the final LTL or FTL freight rate directly on our platform.

  • Firstly, you have to select the desired countries.
  • During the second step of the booking process, you will add the addresses and select the desired number of pallets you wish to send to another location.
  • For most requests, an instant price will appear after filling out the required fields.

Delivery time

When comparing the truckload vs less than truckload delivery times, it is important to note that it depends on the type of service you will select.

  • LTL (Less than Truckload) shipments are inside a truck sharing space with someone else’s goods, so the delivery is not direct. The delivery time depends on the time it takes the vehicle to be full and how many stops the truck will have to make.
  • The FTL (Full Truckload) transport is dedicated to your goods only, and as such, the delivery is direct. Depending on the destinations, but the delivery is usually within a couple of days.

If the goods that you intend to transport are not enough to fill out a whole truck, and you do not want to send them with the LTL transportation service due to the urgency and shipment sensitivity, we recommend you to look at our Van delivery service. The van delivery is entirely dedicated to you, and it is one of the safest options for a smaller load of goods with the most competitive prices starting from €0.48/km.

Advantages – LTL and FTL freight | Rates, costs and delivery times

Less than truckload advantages:

  • You can send a smaller quantity of freight;
  • Minimised costs as you do not require to fill the whole truck;
  • A secure way for transporting freight;
  • And by booking with Eurosender, you can request additional insurance coverage for your load!

Full truckload advantages:

  • The truck is dedicated to your goods only;
  • The shipment will not be with someone else’s freight;
  • Most optimal cost solution for large freight;
  • Direct delivery to your destination of choosing;
  • It is only your freight inside the truck, so the shipment is travelling safely to its destination;
  • And one of the most appealing advantages is the pricing. By booking with us, you will get a quote starting from €1.05/km for many destinations around Europe!

How to calculate LTL and FTL freight rates?

Now that we stated the differences between LTL and TL freight and learned the advantages of both methods, you can choose the most appropriate transport for you.

The LTL and FTL freight cost will be calculated based on the route, the type of freight, the selected service, and if you have any special requirements. The best thing about using our platform is that you can choose to either book the transport on your own or with our logistics experts’ help!

You can find the trucking rates per mile for 2021 directly on our platform and receive an instant LTL and FTL freight rate calculated immediately for your route. Our logistics experts are here to offer you the required help at any step of the booking process and for any specifications, you may have.

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