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Breaking News – Medieval Eurosender helps to deliver ice, ship spices and send bottled messages!

So, you know how Eurosender is proud of its modern approach to digital booking systems for shipping packages, and pallets, and freight and … what CAN’T we do, right?

But now evidence of Eurosender’s medieval shipping services was found in Lisbon! Who knows if also dinosaurs were using our booking platform, ha? I wonder what it would look like back then!

Anyways, let us explain you exactly what kind of services Eurosender could provide many years ago in a far far away … land.

Shipping Ice to the King with Eurosender

Did you know that the royalty liked to eat ice-cream back in 1759? That’s right! It appears like the King loved to eat ice cream and have cold drinks when the warm Spring days started coming. Therefore, he would order ice to be brought from Lousã mountains to make ice cream and fresh beverages. In order to understand how, please put on your best British colloquial accent and keep reading.

How to packeth and ship ice to His Majesty, the King – tips from Sir Marquês de Pombal

I. Collect the ice carefully. Maketh sure thee keepeth the blocks as big and regular did shape as possible. This shall easy the transp’rt and keepeth the wat’r frozen f’r longeth’r.

II. Wrap the ice in a lot of straw to maketh sure t stays frozen.

III. Place t c’rrectly in the wagon and maketh sure nothing can falleth out.

IV. You can useth one ‘r two oxen to pulleth the wagon. Our suggestion is two depending on the amount of ice.

V. A designat’d coachman shall picketh up thy wagon and taketh t to Tejo riv’r wh’re ’twill beest load’d into a boat and transp’rt’d to Lisbon.

Order saffron and more from India with Eurosender

Remember back in the XV century when the price of spices was cut to half because Portuguese boats started bringing them from India? Yes, you guessed it well! We found traces of Eurosender’s logo on the boats too. Even if we are a digital platform to book shipping services and not a shipping company, it appears like our name was everywhere already 500 years ago. Whether you would like to order some cinnamon or saffron from India, you should just wait for two years and pray the sailors wouldn’t die of scurvy or be eaten by sea monsters. After that, the spices were ready to be delivered at your door.

Send a sealed letter to your loved ones in a bottle with Eurosender

When people started moving across the ocean to the New World, they left friends and family behind. Even though it was already possible to send mail by boat with Eurosender, most people couldn’t afford this service. So Eurosender developed a revolutionary method of communication: bottle mailing also known as, “Thy bottled letter deliverer. All people had to do was to write (or make a drawing in case they didn’t know how to write or read, which was almost everyone) and Eurosender would pick up the message right at their door, carefully place it in a top quality glass bottle with the best cork available and throw it in the ocean. And even though it maybe wasn’t very effective, we still proudly believe our customers got the best Customer Support they could get in over 15 languages including Latin and Phoenician!

Last modified: July 1, 2019

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