Top 10 Most Shipped items in the world4 min read
banana cargo shipment

Have you ever thought about how clothes you see in stores, new cars and even bananas get to you every day? Most items are nowadays shipped by sea freight not only because it is cheaper but also because this type of transport became much more reliable and faster as technology evolved. Take a look at the TOP 10 Most shipped items in the world.

What are the top 10 most shipped items in the world?

1. A banana a day keeps the doctor away

That’s right! One of the items that is mostly shipped and distributed by cargo ships around the world is none less than bananas. Thanks to globalization and the evolution of the technology applied to the shipping industry we now have fresh fruits and vegetables available the whole year.

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2. Chairs, tables and other furniture

Furniture takes a lot of space. Even when it’s dissembled like Ikea’s. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many cargo ships carry containers filled with seats, tables, beds and so on. Even if your furniture was imagined and designed by a European or American company, it will be most likely manufactured on the other side of the world.

3. Artwork and Sculptures

Sea freight offers stability and safe shipping and therefore items of great value, antiques, valuable stones and monument parts are carried around the whole world in cargo ships.

4. Car and Car Parts

It’s not surprising that car and car parts represent one of the most shipped goods by cargo shipping both in weight and value. Even if many car brands are European, still many components are manufactured in Asian countries and are then shipped to Europe to get assembled. Moreover, a great number of cars produced both in Europe and Asia are then exported to America.

5. Electronic Devices

Have you ever wondered how did your iPad or Samsung Galaxy get to you? Electronic devices including TVs, Computers, Printers, Tablets and many other items are definitely one of the most shipped items in the world especially if we consider their high value. And whilst till some years ago, these items were mostly shipped by air, the companies tend now to opt for sea freight as this kind of shipping has become faster and more reliable.

6. “Made in China” – Clothes, Shoes and Sneakers

Most of the clothes we wear nowadays are manufactured in China and other Asian countries. Both expensive and cheaper brands choose to have their own designers but find it cheaper to produce clothes, accessories and shoes abroad and have them then shipped and distributed around the world. The fact is that, when compared to items like cars and dense commodities, clothes weight much less but still bring a high value, making them great items to ship by cargo.

7. Fun onboard – Toys

Some ships contain large quantities of Toys and Video Games. These items may not be that heavy but are certainly of high value as they also include arcade parts, board games and scale models.

8. Keeping fit -Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment can be anything from a simple soccer ball to heavy multifunction gym equipment. Both in weight and value these items are definitely some of the most shipped in the world.

9. Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel are transported both by rail freight and sea freight. As these are obviously very heavy materials, they definitely win a spot on our list.

10. Pharmacy on the go – Pills and Lab equipment

Extracts for natural supplements, medicaments in dosage or even not mixed and lab equipment are also carried in large quantities by cargo ships. Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to keep these items in temperature-controlled containers and assure that they can be delivered to wherever they are needed.


Are there any items we left out? Or you really didn’t expect bananas to be on our list? Feel free to write us and know more about logistics and shipping!