Pricing and Benefits of Multi-Stop Truckload4 min read
Multi stop truckload

The multi-stop truckload is becoming increasingly popular because of the savings it brings both for shippers and carriers while reducing the environmental impact. The shared truckload services prices vary and depend on several factors, and some additional costs can be easily avoided.

What are the prices for delivery with a multi-stop truck?

The pricing for multi-stop trucking services starts with the haul rate per mile (RPM), that is taken from the contract between you, the carriers, and the truckload pricing.

For pre-planned routes, the pricing is relatively cheaper. However, if you add additional multi-drop delivery addresses, the price will go up. The price also increases for out-of-route destinations.

Are you wondering why does the price increase with a changed multi-drop delivery address? Well, this causes the carrier to change routes; thus, the delivery pattern changes. Another reason is that this change will consume more time than planned.

How to get a lower price for multi-stop trucking service?

  • Pre-plan the route. Make sure that you do not change or add additional multi-drop delivery addresses.
  • Continuous moves. Choose to book the service with a carrier that will reduce the empty miles, and employ continuous moves.
  • Cluster stops. Choose to book the service with a reputable carrier that clusters the stops and drop-offs, and will ensure your cargo is not delayed.

Can Eurosender offer multi-drop courier services?

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Benefits of multi-stop trucking

What are the multi-stop truckload benefits for shippers?

Shippers have many times found themselves in a situation that they need to transport a substantial amount of freight; however, not enough to fill a whole truck. The shared truckload services are often their optimal choice, starting from LTL (Less Than Truckload), to PTL (Partial Truckload), to Multi-stop Truckload. In most cases, the LTL transport is a shipper’s choice. However, if the shipper needs a faster delivery, the multi-stop truckload is often the preferred choice because:

  • The shipper does not need to wait long until the truck is filler with other shippers’ goods, as the carrier uses algorithms that optimise for faster loading;
  • Unlike LTL, the multi-stop truck will not require you to pay a premium for the empty space if you need your goods delivered promptly;
  • It contributes to the higher efficiency of your current and future operations.

What are the benefits for carriers of multi-stop trucking?

Many would think that the benefits for carriers of the multi-stop truckload are insignificant. However, that is not true. Carriers enjoy plenty of advantages by using this type of shared truckload services, like the following:

  • Carriers can maximise the value of each trip.
  • The chance to optimise the routes via algorithms.
  • Many times, carriers are paid more because of the shippers’ freight.
  • When capacity is tight, carriers do not need to buy extra equipment to handle the excess load.

How does the multi-stop truckload contribute to the environmental impact?

The demand for moving goods from one country to another in constantly increasing; thus, greater need for trucking services or van delivery services. Thus, more carbon pollution from transportation. But then we see the impact on sustainability that the multi-stop trucking brings:

  • The multi-drop shipping ensures that no two trucks are deployed to do the same job;
  • Eliminates the need for LTL stations; thus, fewer fuel emissions.

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