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We have a new look!

At Eurosender, every week starts with good news. We’ve redesigned our platform and our refreshed website is now live.

It is our pleasure to introduce the new design, focused on customers’ experience. We’ve developed it having in mind our customers’ requests and their interaction with our website, throughout the time.

Why did we change it?

We wanted to give a clear message about:

  • Who we are;
  • What we offer;
  • How do we do it;
  • How we can help you with organising your shipment.

What is new?

Here is how we looked only a few days ago.

Eurosender website design

The updated site includes, among the most impactful change – a revamp of the visual elements and navigation, a completely new website structure. You can now find more information in the drop down Menu bar.

We added more content on the website for you to understand our services better from a quick read.

We kept the same simplicity of navigation while showcasing and clearly presenting all the necessary details about the services and the way they function. We make all the information about shipping easily reachable, at a click of a button.

We now have the description of “Services”, where we include our types of services, ranging from standard shipping to freight transport and relocation services.

For more clarity, we renamed “FAQ” into “Questionsand we’ve added plenty of details that can answer all your questions.

We added the “Aboutsection for a quick overview of the company and insights on how we operate. From here you can now also explore our blog and access the articles that are of your interest, from the ones offering useful advice about shipping, packing, logistics services, to travels, relocations and much more. We’ve also been selected among the most informative blogs in the world in the logistics industry. Going forward, we will continue to create more content (including videos) that will help our customers evaluate the service and get more information.

More video content

We’ve introduced a new range of video content that walks you through all the stages of shipping service. You will understand easier and better how the service works. Pay us a visit and watch our new videos.

This is only a summary of all the changes we made behind the scenes in the past few months. But there is much more on our multiplatform service – self-service delivery platform for both private customers and businesses. Take a moment to discover our new website to see how we’ve changed it.

We are finally able to provide what we think is a seamless navigation experience. We welcome any type of feedback. In the end, we did it for you!

So, what does our platform have to offer?

  • Immediate quote for any standard shipping service in Europe,
  • Instant quote for pallet shipping on many routes in Europe,
  • A platform to file away all your shipping details – free account creation for both business and private customers,
  • Advice on how to pack the items and make them suitable for transportation with the logistics service providers.

There is more…

We wanted to make this information more visible on our website so that it can serve an immediate need. We have a new face, but we care about our customers just the same. So, our improvements don’t stop here.

We constantly monitor the performance of the key logistics players and their behaviour during peak seasons, while we always do our best to negotiate even better deals for international shipping services.

We are committed to adjusting our services based on the customers’ needs and make shipping easy. We know well that the factors which are driving the customer’s decision are the cost and time.

Our work of bringing to our customers more than 11M immediate quotes deserved a brand new showcase. Give it a look! We want you to like it as much as we do. We built it for you after all.

Last modified:May 23, 2018

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