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Overnight courier services have radically changed the way people ship packages and parcels in Europe and around the world. Times have changed and require faster and more efficient shipping services.

In the past, having your items delivered the next morning was considered a difficult, if not impossible, task. However, people’s and businesses’ shipping needs have changed and now require faster deliveries. That is why many courier companies introduced the overnight shipping service. This new service makes “next day deliveries” possible for courier services.

What is an overnight courier service?

As the name suggests, this is a service that takes place during the night. The shipments are picked-up one business day and travel throughout the night. In this way, the delivery can take place the following day. To make this possible, courier companies use different means of transport – from trucks to aircrafts. The service is suitable for those who need to ship their items as fast as possible but not necessarily on the same day. For even faster deliveries, customers can choose the “same day/express” delivery service.

Is overnight shipping expensive?

The prices for overnight shipping are a bit higher than for standard courier services. Standard courier services do not guarantee an exact delivery date or delivery time. That is why they are the most affordable option. Overnight courier services, on the other hand, can be a bit pricey. However, it is not the most expensive service available. Express services, which enable deliveries on the same day, are actually the priciest ones.

Why should I choose the overnight service?

Because you are in need of fast and efficient courier services. You want to know when your shipment will arrive at its destination and overnight shipping can guarantee that. You might be an online seller and your buyer is eager to receive your product. Or maybe you remembered your sister’s birthday at the very last minute and she lives in another country. With overnight shipping, your sister can still receive a gift from you on her special day. As a business owner, you can offer the option of next day deliveries, which can give you a competitive advantage. Whatever the case might be, overnight shipping can be beneficial for both the sender and the recipient. Being informed on the different options available is always recommended, whether you are a frequent shipper or you ship sporadically. It can get you, as an individual, out of a difficult situation, and can help your business follow the current trends and customer needs.

Can I book an overnight courier service through Eurosender?

Yes, Eurosender offers a wide variety of door-to-door courier services. These include overnight shipping. Other services are: standard courier service, same day courier service, international/national courier service and courier service for pallet delivery. If you are not sure how to book an overnight courier service, you can contact our friendly customer support team. You can also check our blog post where we explain the pros and cons of each service and choose the right one.

Eurosender is an online platform for booking shipping services in Europe. We basically help our customers find the most affordable shipping solution, according to their standards. There is no need of comparing prices online or contacting every single logistics company to receive a quote. We do all of this for you! Whether you are looking for an overnight courier service or a standard courier service, Eurosender can assist you.

Last modified: August 24, 2018

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